Georgia Tech Research Institute Presents: Three Days of Sustainable Facilities Training, April 13th-15th for Developers, Architects, Project Managers, Engineers and Those Passionate About Green Building

Georgia Tech Research Institute's Center for Sustainable Urban Revitalization

(CSUR) partners with the Urban Land Institute Atlanta District and the McAdams

Group to bring the "best practices" in sustainable development to those

interested in transforming neighborhoods

Feb 16, 2004, 00:00 ET from Georgia Tech Professional Education

    ATLANTA, Feb. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Revitalizing dilapidated and crime ridden
 neighborhoods into creatively designed, mixed-use development can be
 overwhelming to anyone passionate about achieving sustainability and
 developing "people friendly" communities. One of the fastest growing intown
 areas in America, Georgia Tech's Technology Square has achieved LEED(TM)
 recognition and completely transformed an area once associated with urban
 blight. Committed to achieving a shared connection between university and
 community, Georgia Tech will share "lessons in sustainability" during three
 one-day courses offered April 13-15, 2004.
     About the courses
      1. Interactive Introduction to Sustainable Facilities, April 13, 2004, an
         introductory "how to get started" thinking, planning, and
         brainstorming program about sustainable possibilities and processes.
         Taught by Dr. Annie Pearce, LEED(TM) Accredited Professional and
         Research Director of Georgia Tech's Center for Sustainable Urban
      2. Funding Green Buildings: Sources and Strategies, April 14, 2004,
         practical "how to" program on obtaining green building-related
         financing, running capital campaigns, and strategic grant writing for
         green building construction. The course is taught by Jan McAdams,
         Principal of the McAdams Group, whose work has garnered over $67
         million in grants, loans and donations for green buildings nationwide.
      3. Sustainability Strategy 101: An Organization Perspective, April 15,
         2004, designed to help change agents who are leading the way to
         sustainability within their organizations. Taught jointly by Georgia
         Tech's Dr. Pearce and LEED(TM) Accredited Jennifer DuBose, in this
         course participants will create an action plan, identify barriers
         toward implementing sustainability programs, and strategize toward
         managing organizational change to create a sustainable living and
         working environment.
     Registering for the Course
     All three courses are open enrollment with a registration fee of $250
 each, or register for all three for a discounted fee of $675. Registration is
 available online: keyword search "sustainable
 facilities and infrastructure" or call registration at: (404) 385-3501. For
 course content information, e-mail: The course
 will be held at Georgia Tech's new Global Conference and Learning Center
 located in Technology Square in the heart of Midtown Atlanta.
     About Georgia Tech Research Institute's Center for Sustainable
     Urban Revitalization
     Georgia Tech's Center for Sustainable Urban Revitalization (CSUR) focuses
 on the sustainable revitalization of the urban community through the
 systematic integration of land use planning, civil and economic
 infrastructure, and the built and natural environments. The Center for
 Sustainable Urban Revitalization is a multi-discipline effort utilizing the
 strengths found within Georgia Tech in collaboration with public and private
 partnerships. CSUR conducts university-based applied research and technical
 assistance, and disseminates results and expertise through education,
 outreach, and technology transfer. CSUR envisions a sustainable urban
 environment in which human and social capital improve in richness and quality
 while the quality and quantity of available natural capital is maintained and
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