Give Mom the Gift of Relaxation this Mother's Day

Epsom Salt makes a great kid-friendly homemade gift

Apr 24, 2007, 01:00 ET from Epsom Salt Council

    CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Flowers fade and cards are
 tucked away. But this Mother's Day, show Mom you really love her with a
 homemade spa gift: Epsom Salt.
     These handy salts are available at any drug or hardware store for
 pennies per pound, and can offer tired and stressed out Moms everywhere a
 rest and beauty regimen -- a relaxing bath, an exfoliating skin treatment,
 a gentle face mask and more -- when packaged into a mason jar and tied with
 a pretty bow.
     "If you're looking to give mom an at-home spa experience -- go for
 Epsom Salt," said Jim Hill, spokesperson for the Epson Salt Council. "The
 age-old compound is gaining more and more attention for its affordable,
 back-to-basics approach to health, beauty and relaxation."
     For example, poured into a warm bath, the magnesium in Epsom Salt is
 proven to ease stress, improve sleep and relieve muscle aches, says Hill.
     Packaging Epsom Salt into a Mother's Day gift is easy. Simply decorate
 a plastic or paper bag, bottle or other sturdy container, pour in Epsom
 Salt and seal. Consider a basket with other spa accoutrements -- body
 lotion, candles and a tip sheet on how to relax with Epsom Salt. Then run
 her a warm bath, turn on some soothing music and wish her a happy Mother's
 Day ... with Epsom Salt.
     For more information on the healing benefits of Epsom Salt, go to Founded in 1993 to help spread the word about
 Epsom Salt, the Epsom Salt Council is made up of the three leading
 manufacturers and packagers of the product. Founding members are Giles
 Chemical, in Waynesville, N.C.; PQ Corporation in Valley Forge, PA; and
 PICC in New York, N.Y.

SOURCE Epsom Salt Council