Glad(R) Makes Serving Vegetables Easier With New SimplyCooking(TM) Microwave Steaming Bags

New Stand-up Glad Bags Specifically Designed for Steaming Vegetables

Jul 19, 2007, 01:00 ET from The Glad Products Company

    OAKLAND, Calif., July 19 /PRNewswire/ -- People are not eating their
 vegetables and Glad wants to help. With 90 percent of Americans not eating
 their recommended amount of vegetables(1) and most needing to almost triple
 their intake to meet USDA dietary guidelines(2), The Glad Products Company
 today introduces GLAD(R) SimplyCooking(TM) Microwave Steaming Bags. The
 bags are specifically designed to steam vegetables in the microwave in a
 healthy, safe and convenient way.
     Steamed vegetables, like those made in GLAD(R) SimplyCooking(TM)
 Microwave Steaming Bags, retain more nutrients as well as their natural
 flavors and colors than vegetables that are boiled. Vegetables turn out
 crisp, yet tender, and are ready in minutes without pots and pans.
     Made with a proprietary technology that includes heat-resistant
 materials, GLAD(R) SimplyCooking(TM) Microwave Steaming Bags have a
 stand-up functionality that not only makes them easier to fill, season and
 serve, but allows for cooking with liquid seasonings or sauces. A venting
 mechanism regulates the steam level to consistently steam fresh or frozen
 vegetables in minutes, leaving them colorful, tender and more flavorful
 than boiling. The bags are also great for steaming seafood.
     Delicious vegetables are three simple steps away:
     -- Fill: Open the bag and place pre-washed vegetables inside. No water
        is necessary.
     -- Seal: Press the zipper firmly closed to seal.
     -- Cook: Stand bag in microwave and follow the timetable on the bag
        and package that provides cooking times for a variety of vegetables
        and other foods. Wait 30 seconds before opening. Each bag can cook
        three to four servings of vegetables.
     "Studies continue to show that despite understanding and awareness of
 the many inherent benefits of eating vegetables, consumption continues to
 be low," said Elizabeth Pivonka, president and CEO of Produce For Better
 Health. "And with consumers using convenience as a reason, GLAD(R)
 SimplyCooking(TM) Microwave Steaming Bags provide the perfect solution by
 making preparation quick, easy and delicious."
     GLAD(R) SimplyCooking(TM) Microwave Steaming Bags not only provide moms
 with a convenient way to get flavorful vegetables on the dinner table more
 often, they also are a contemporary take on the traditional bagged lunch,
 enabling portability and easy preparation for a nutritious meal in minutes
 at work. In addition, the bags can also be used to store vegetables in the
 refrigerator before or after cooking.
     "Our research indicates that the moms who have tried this product, love
 it," said Priscilla Tuan, marketing manager for Glad. "With fewer families
 sitting down at dinner tables where vegetables are served(3), we believe
 GLAD(R) SimplyCooking(TM) Microwave Steaming Bags, because they make
 serving vegetables easier, can really help families get a nutritious and
 even tasty meal," she said.
     Availability and Price
     GLAD(R) SimplyCooking(TM) Microwave Steaming Bags hit grocery and mass
 merchandise stores nationwide in mid-July, available in 10-count packages
 at a suggested retail price of $2.99. For more information, including
 suggested recipes, preparation tips and a demo video, visit
     About The Glad Products Company
     The Glad Products Company is a subsidiary of The Clorox Company,
 headquartered in Oakland, Calif. In addition to GLAD(R) Simply Cooking(TM)
 Microwave Steaming Bags, the Glad lineup of products in the United States
 and Canada includes freezer, food storage and sandwich bags; food wraps;
 outdoor, indoor and recycling disposal bags; GladWare(R) containers and
 Ovenware; and GLAD ForceFlex(R) trash bags. Through its Glad to Help(TM)
 program, the Glad Products Company is committed to helping make a positive
 difference in the community. Glad products are developed and manufactured
 under a joint venture agreement between The Clorox Company, The Glad
 Products Company and The Procter & Gamble Company. For more go to
     1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Study (2006).
     2. Produce for Better Health State of the Plate Study (2005).
     3. American Eating Trends (2006).

SOURCE The Glad Products Company