Glen Cove PD Deploys IMPACT Mobile Ticketing at Commercial Inspection Stops

Mar 11, 2008, 01:00 ET from IMPACT

    GLEN COVE, N.Y., March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- With tools from IMPACT, a
 28-year-old New York-based public safety intelligence and technology
 company, the City of Glen Cove Police Department has done away with paper
 tickets during its bi-monthly commercial vehicle inspection stops. Using
 IMPACT Mobile Ticketing (IMT) has improved the efficiency of the stops
 allowing more vehicles to be inspected and more unsafe vehicles to be taken
 off roads.
     By law, for every violation found in such an inspection, the citing
 officer must write an individual Uniformed Traffic Ticket (UTT); for
 commercial inspections, that can mean between 15 and 20 UTTs. With IMT,
 officers use a handheld scanner to enter the vehicle and the driver's
 information via bar codes, then select the appropriate citation and print
 the ticket in less than a minute.
     "Paper tickets presents multiple opportunities to introduce human
 error," says Dennis Labriola, president and chief executive officer of
 IMPACT. "Writing an incorrect citation or having illegible information can
 make a ticket invalid, something that can often happen when rewriting the
 same information a dozen times or more."
     "When conducting a normal commercial truck inspection with hand written
 tickets, each stop can take as long as an hour to complete," says Sgt.
 Patrick Hall of the City of Glen Cove Police Department. "Using IMPACT
 Mobile Ticketing, the same inspections are cut down to less than 20
     IMT is also regularly used by police departments in the Northeastern
 U.S. for everyday traffic enforcement ticketing. Just as IMPACT allows
 commercial traffic stops to proceed faster, routine traffic stops can be
 made faster by creating the ticket on the patrol car's laptop, then
 printing on a thermal printer.
     By using IMPACT's optional wireless feature the information is
 immediately available to the rest of the department. If the department is a
 member of the IMPACT Information Sharing community, the ticket summary
 information becomes immediately available to any police department also
 using IMPACT.
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