GM Completes Global Software Upgrade to the Latest Versions of Unigraphics And iMAN to Help Further Reduce Vehicle Development Times

Massive Worldwide Implementation on 9,200 Workstations is Completed

In Record Time

Aug 17, 1999, 01:00 ET from Unigraphics Solutions, Inc.

    ST. LOUIS, Aug. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Unigraphics Solutions Inc.
 (NYSE:   UGS) today announced that General Motors (GM) -- as part of its ongoing
 program to dramatically reduce vehicle development process (VDP) times -- has
 completed a worldwide upgrade of its corporate CAD/CAM and PDM software.  The
 massive upgrade of 9,200 engineering workstations to Unigraphics Version 15
 and iMAN Version 5 was completed in just six weeks.
     "Implementing the Unigraphics software is an important step in our journey
 toward reducing VDP times," says Kirk Gutmann, Information Officer of Develop
 Product for GM.  "It clearly extends GM's industry lead in solid-based design
 and solid-based modeling techniques.  This roll out was completed in only one
 third the time of previous upgrades.  We continue to accelerate both our VDP
 and deployment of next generation math tools."
     UGS software offers GM several state-of-the-art capabilities to help
 reduce VDP times.  Unigraphics V15 provides significant design styling
 capabilities and improved parametric capabilities compared to CAD/CAM systems
 previously used by GM.  iMAN V5 -- UGS' latest product data management (PDM)
 software -- captures and manages all related data created during product
 development, including information produced by multiple MCAD (Mechanical
 Computer Aided Design) and ECAD (Electrical Computer Aided Design)
 applications.  The software has, among other features, a Mail Gateway which
 links iMAN's internal mail system with external mail systems like Lotus Notes.
     This new technology upgrade will provide both GM and its global suppliers
 the ability to implement a total systems engineering approach to vehicle
 design, significantly reducing the time needed to complete the entire process.
 A key feature of the Unigraphics software allows data and files to be shared
 and updated simultaneously by design teams worldwide.  Reusable math-model
 libraries are employed in this process to help teams work concurrently within
 a common product framework.
     "In the past, a major part of our dilemma in reducing vehicle development
 time was finding new software and technologies that facilitated the
 synchronization and simultaneous exchange of files globally among our
 divisions," says Gutmann.  "Today, we are one of the few auto manufacturers in
 the world who synchronizes its files in 'real time.'  This allows our various
 brands to share work, designs and architecture."
     Says Gene Consolo, Engineering Director of Operations at GM, "We are using
 an integrated portfolio of computer math-based tools across the company,
 around the world and with our supplier community to further reduce our product
 development cycle (which stands) at 24 months today."
     About Unigraphics Solutions
     Unigraphics Solutions Inc. provides end-to-end CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM software
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 a design and manufacturing industries solid modeling standard.  Many OEM
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