GMA Corrects the Record on the National Uniformity for Food Act

Mar 07, 2006, 00:00 ET from Grocery Manufacturers Association

    WASHINGTON, March 7 /PRNewswire/ -- The Grocery Manufacturers Association
 (GMA) today said recent attacks by opponents of H.R. 4167, the National
 Uniformity for Food Act, are inaccurate and contrary to the bill's written
     "Consumers deserve accurate information about the merits of this
 legislation," said C. Manly Molpus, GMA president and CEO.  "Unfortunately,
 they are unlikely to get it because some opponents have chosen to launch a
 misleading and factually incorrect assault on this bill. The opponents of the
 National Uniformity for Food Act continue to misinterpret its intent and
     "In fact, the bill will strengthen the existing state-federal partnership
 on food safety to the benefit of consumers nationwide. By providing
 consistent, science-based food safety standards and warning requirements, all
 consumers will be able to have confidence in the safety of the food supply and
 the information on food labels -- regardless of where they live," Molpus
     GMA pointed to several erroneous points made in recent days by opponents
 of the bill:
     * Statements that H.R. 4167 will preempt roughly 200 state food safety and
       warning standards are gross overestimates.  In fact, most of these state
       laws have nothing to do with food safety and warning information for
       packaged food, the narrow intent of the bill.  For example, allegations
       that the dairy safety laws of the states would be affected by H.R. 4167
       are wrong.
     * A California law requiring manufacturers to disclose the presence of
       more than one half of one percent of alcohol would not be preempted
       under H.R. 4167 because it is not a food or ingredient warning.
     * A New York law requiring fats and oils to be listed in descending order
       of predominance would not be preempted because it is not a food or
       ingredient warning.
     H.R. 4167 is common-sense legislation that will help consumers make
 educated decisions for themselves and their families in an ever-changing and
 currently confusing food labeling environment. Consumers deserve a single
 standard when it comes to food safety, and this bill will allow states and the
 FDA to work collaboratively in establishing sound food safety policies that
 benefit, not confuse, consumers.
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