Goldtouch Technologies, Inc. Launches Arabic/English Keyboard

Goldtouch(R) Offers Ergonomic Keyboard in 16 Languages as Well as

Smart Card Security

Jun 06, 2003, 01:00 ET from Goldtouch Technologies, Inc.

    IRVINE, Calif., June 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Pioneers in the design and
 development of ergonomic desktop computer equipment, Goldtouch Technologies,
 Inc. announced today the launch of their unique adjustable keyboard with the
 capability of functioning in either Arabic or English.  Rather than being
 limited to only one language, the Goldtouch(R) Arabic/English keyboard
 functions in either language with an easy change through the Windows(R)
 operating system.  Orders for the Arabic/English keyboard have already been
 placed for the governments of Kuwait and Oman.
     The Goldtouch(R) Ergonomic keyboard is also available in Danish, Finnish,
 French, Flemish, Dutch, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese,
 Swedish, Chinese, Cyrillic/Kazakh, Thai, and both UK and US English.  Both the
 Cantonese and Cyrillic (Russian) keyboards come with English overlays for dual
 language usage.  Hundreds of thousands of Goldtouch keyboards have been sold
 to date.
     Additionally, in response to increased information security needs,
 Goldtouch has developed two new ergonomic keyboard products.  These new
 keyboards maintain the great adjustability of the traditional Goldtouch
 keyboard with the latest in information security.  The new "ErgoSecure"
 product range incorporates the latest in biometric fingerprint technology as
 well as a smart card reader embedded in the keyboard.  The smart card chip is
 compliant with the US Department of Defense's (DoD) Common Access Card (CAC)
     The Goldtouch Adjustable(R) keyboard is the most advanced device of its
 kind in the world.  The patented segmented design allows individual users to
 adjust the keyboard from 0 to 30 degrees both horizontally and vertically to
 achieve the most personally comfortable position possible.  The objective
 behind all the Goldtouch(R) products is to enhance comfort and productivity
 for computer users.
     Mark Goldstein, the founder of Goldtouch Technologies, Inc., has said,
 "The number of repetitive stress injuries (RSI) caused by intensive keyboard
 and mouse usage is growing at an alarming rate.  Our ergonomic products will
 help to reduce risk factors by creating a more comfortable working environment
 for computer users.  By supplying multiple language keyboards and now security
 features, Goldtouch provides its ergonomic benefits to a much larger and
 diverse population."
     For further information, please visit
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