Good Healthcare Just Got Easier to Find

Oct 22, 2007, 01:00 ET from American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

    AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- There is good news
 for healthcare consumers. The once frustrating search to find a healthcare
 provider who spends time talking with as well as providing high-quality
 care for patients is just a click away on a computer.
     A new Web site -- -- helps you locate a nurse practitioner
 (NP) in your area. This new resource helps guide consumers to NP practice
 sites in communities around the country. The website allows the search by
 city, state or zip code as well as specialty. helps simplify
 the search for an exceptional healthcare provider -- even providing a map
 pinpointing the location of the NP practice.
     More and more people are choosing NPs as their primary, acute and/or
 specialty healthcare provider. Research conducted for more than 40 years
 has established that NPs provide high-quality, cost-effective and
 personalized healthcare. NPs are different from other healthcare providers
 - they focus on the whole person when treating specific health problems and
 they educate their patients on the effects those problems with have on them
 and their loved ones.
     Outcomes from studies of NP practice support that the quality of NP
 care is at least equivalent to - and sometimes better than - that of
 physician care. The high level of satisfaction and confidence that patients
 have in NPs is evidenced by the approximate 600 million visits that are
 made to NPs each year.
     -- NPs have graduate, advanced education (most have master's degrees
 and many have doctorates) and advanced clinic training beyond their initial
 registered nurse preparation
     -- NPs order, perform and interpret diagnostic tests, diagnose and
 treat acute and chronic conditions and prescribe medications and other
     -- NPs are truly partners in the healthcare of their patients. In
 addition to clinical services, NPs focus on health promotion, disease
 prevention and health education and counseling, guiding patients to make
 smarter health and lifestyle choices. Patients with NPs as their healthcare
 provider have fewer instances of emergency room visits, shorter hospital
 stays and often have lower medication costs
     Find out for yourself how an NP can be Your Partner in Health. Visit is a service of the American Academy of Nurse
 Practitioners (AANP).
     AANP was founded in 1985 and is the largest and only full-service
 national professional membership organization for NPs of all specialties.
 AANP represents the interests of approximately 120,000 NPs around the
 country. AANP continually advocates for the active role of NPs as providers
 of high-quality, cost-effective and personalized healthcare. For more
 information about AANP, visit

SOURCE American Academy of Nurse Practitioners