Good News From Stanley Steemer; Despite Harsh Winter, Struggling Economy, Local Company Continues to Grow

May 23, 2003, 01:00 ET from Stanley Steemer

    DUBLIN, Ohio, May 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Stanley Steemer is cleaning up in
 2003!  While many businesses are struggling in the face of a debilitating
 economic environment, Stanley Steemer, a Dublin-based national carpet cleaning
 company is on track to break record sales figures.  The company attributes
 this good news to many factors including its continued investment in national
 advertising, the success of its air duct cleaning ventures, and the addition
 of tile and grout cleaning capabilities to many of its operations.  Looking
 toward the future, Stanley Steemer has the potential to increase sales
 exponentially with the planned introduction of operations in Canada.
     In 2002 Stanley Steemer saw its 2nd straight year of record profits.
 System-wide sales reached over $285 million up 2.7% versus 2001, making 2002
 the sixth consecutive year the company realized a sales volume increase.
 Stanley Steemer's CEO and President, Wesley C. Bates, feels many factors have
 attributed to this continued success including consistent advertising and
 strong brand awareness.  "One reason we have continued to grow is that in both
 our company-owned branches and our franchise locations we did not cut back on
 advertising expenditures.  Instead, we continued to invest in national and
 local advertising, spending in excess of $30 million in each of the last
 5 years on advertising."
     In 2002 Market Strategies completed a commissioned study of brand
 awareness in the carpet cleaning industry.  This study showed that Stanley
 Steemer had 96% brand awareness, the highest of any company in the industry.
 This awareness keeps the company on top of the consumers' minds and
 contributes to its continued growth.  According to Mr. Bates, "Even though I
 feel the carpet cleaning pie is getting smaller, because of our brand name
 awareness we are getting a bigger piece.  That's why our sales have continued
 to grow, while overall industry sales are diminishing."
     Also contributing to the growth in sales and profits for the company is
 the development of its ancillary services.  Since 1998 Stanley Steemer has
 been offering air-duct cleaning services in select operations.  The projected
 sales figure for 2003 from the 9 company-owned branches offering air-duct
 cleaning exceeds $1.3 million.  Since air duct cleaning has proven to be a
 successful venture, Stanley Steemer plans to open an entirely new franchise
 system of air-duct only operations.  The first franchise of this kind recently
 opened in the Dayton-Springfield-Urbana area and has already seen positive
     Additionally, tile and grout cleaning is a relatively new ancillary
 business for Stanley Steemer.  "There seems to be a natural tie in for this
 business for our company," says Guy Williams, Vice President of Business
 Development.  "If we go to a residence now we are capable of providing all
 their floor cleaning needs, something we were missing out on by merely
 providing carpet cleaning services."  The company began offering this service
 in 2001 and currently cleans tile and grout in all of its 40 company-owned
 branches and 97 franchises throughout the United States.
     Stanley Steemer currently operates over 270 locations throughout the
 United States.  Of these operations roughly 40 are company-owned with the
 balance being owned and operated by independent franchisees.  With the success
 of these operations in 2002, one Toronto-based group of business investors
 took notice.  Stanley Steemer was recently approached with an offer to
 purchase the master licensing rights for operations in Canada.  Stanley
 Steemer's Executive Vice President and Legal Counsel Philip P. Ryser states,
 "The opportunities for us in Canada are endless ... it's a new market with
 vast possibilities, and a lot of carpet to clean!"  The company is currently
 in negotiations and looks forward to beginning cleaning carpets for our
 neighbors up north within the year.
     When operations are opened in Canada, it will mark the beginning of
 Stanley Steemer's international market expansion.  Not bad for a company
 founded by Jack A. Bates in Columbus in 1947.  In the early years, the company
 had one truck and operated out of his garage.  Today, Stanley Steemer is one
 of the nation's leading residential carpet and upholstery cleaning companies.
 With its aggressive re-investment in advertising and expanding beyond its core
 businesses Stanley Steemer is looking forward to continued growth and success
 for 2003 and beyond.

SOURCE Stanley Steemer