Governor Taft Opens NANO Week

NanoMedicine Summit Kicks Off Series Exploring

Revolutionary Role of Nanotechnology

Oct 25, 2004, 01:00 ET from Nano-Network

    CLEVELAND, Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Ohio Governor Bob Taft opened NANO Week
 here today, telling attendees of the Cleveland Clinic NanoMedicine Summit that
 Ohio is committed to being a leader in nanotechnology research and
     The NanoMedicine Summit, which continues through October 26, attracted a
 sell-out crowd of 300 nanotechnology experts, biomedical researchers and
 leading medical practitioners in the fields of cardiology, neurology, oncology
 and orthopedics. The summit is addressing how nanotechnology can help address
 unmet clinical needs. The summit is being presented in collaboration with Case
 Western Reserve University, Cornell University (Ithaca, N.Y.), the Nano-
 Network, a consortium of Northeast Ohio-based scientists, entrepreneurs and
 supporting agencies that share an interest in nanotechnology, and the Maple
 Fund, a financier of early stage nanotechnology companies.
     "The field of nanotechnology is in its infancy, but we are learning more
 every hour and Ohio wants to be at the forefront," Gov. Taft told summit
 attendees. "The NanoMedicine Summit is a great forum for scientific and
 business innovators to come together to share knowledge, build partnerships
 and create new generations of technologies and products."
     Nanotechnology involves the manipulation and control of materials as small
 as one-billionth of a meter to develop new, or enhance existing, products and
     "By bringing together scientists and doctors, the NanoMedicine Summit is
 fostering a new wave of collaboration that is needed if nanotechnology is to
 be deployed to meet clinical needs," said Mark Brandt, co-founder of both the
 Maple Fund and the Nano-Network, which organized the week's events. "The next
 step will be to attract federal dollars to fund the research generated by
 those collaborations. Then venture capitalists will follow by investing in the
 products that are spun out of that research. Cleveland is demonstrating it
 will be at the center of that process."
     The other NANO Week events are:
     The National Cancer Institute's Nanotech Symposium Series - Oct. 27-28:
 The CASE Comprehensive Cancer Center is organizing this national conference
 featuring presentations from leading scientists in nanotechnology and cancer
 research. In bringing the developers of nanotechnology together with the
 scientific community, NCI hopes to focus on nanotechnology's potential to
 advance the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer. For more
 information, visit .
     Nanoparticles - Synthesis, Functionalization and Applications for Targeted
 Drug Delivery - Oct. 27-28: The Center for Business Intelligence designed this
 conference to bring together researchers and companies involved in the
 development of next-generation pharmaceuticals that rely on nanotechnology to
 improve their delivery and effectiveness. Topics to be discussed include
 reformulating drugs using nanotechnology, commercialization strategies, and
 regulatory and legal guidelines. More information is available at the CBI's
 Web site: .
     The International Nanotechnology Business Idea Competition - Oct. 28-29: A
 panel of judges, including venture capitalists, nanotechnology researchers and
 entrepreneurs will select the top business ideas that can best meet a real
 need and be commercialized in this global competition. To purchase tickets for
 the October 28th contestants' reception or the October 29th winners' reception
 or to receive more information contact Colette Taylor at 216-592-2323, or
     The Nano-Network is the driving force behind NANO Week. It was formed by
 scientists, entrepreneurs and financiers to improve and expand the
 nanotechnology research and commercialization activities and capacities in
 Northeast Ohio and throughout the nation. More information about the Nano-
 Network and NANO Week is available at

SOURCE Nano-Network