Graham Nash Takes One Giant Leap Forward for 29ers Everywhere

Nash to Perform in the Leap Year Capital of the World

February 29, 2000 in Anthony, New Mexico/Texas

Feb 25, 2000, 00:00 ET from Graham Nash

    LOS ANGELES, Feb. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Graham Nash, Rock 'N Roll Hall of
 Fame inductee and member of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, will honor his wife
 Susan's twelfth (yes 12th) birthday helping to honor an estimated 200,000 Leap
 Year Birthday celebrants worldwide when he will perform in concert in the Leap
 Year Capital of the World, Anthony, New Mexico/Texas, on February 29, 2000 as
 part of a four-day celebration.
     Nash, who is taking a break from the critically acclaimed CSNY reunion
 tour, will perform at the Worldwide Leap Year Birthday Party to bring
 awareness to this rare occasion.  Leap Year 2000 marks the first time in
 400 years that the extra day has occurred in a Century Year.  It will not
 happen again in a millennium year until 4000 A.D.
     "You know, when I met Graham, I knew that he would be attracted to a
 younger woman.  But when I told him that I was five years old, he looked at me
 as if I were mad," Susan Nash said.  "This is going to be a wonderful and fun
 Birthday celebration for all 29ers complete with Hot Air Balloons, Chuck Wagon
 Breakfasts, Racing Pigs, Concerts and a Graham and Susan Nash Golf
     Susan Nash will also be a participant in the 3rd ever Leap Year Day Parade
 down Main Street with a little help from her friend, superstar singer/actress
 Bette Midler.  She will help transform Ms. Nash into a Mermaid by supplying
 her with one of her famous Mermaid Tails.  Graham Nash will accompany his wife
 in the parade as "Fisherman."  And, celebrated Artist and friend of the
 family, Peter Max, is doing a commemorative t-shirt and poster for the
     "Tens of thousands of people don't get to celebrate their birthday but
 once every four years," Graham Nash said.  "This is something I wanted to do
 not only to celebrate Susan's birthday, it is something to celebrate with Leap
 Year babies everywhere."
     The year 2000 is the fourth consecutive celebration at Anthony as the Leap
 Year Capital of the World.  The festivities culminate on the 29th day of
 February with a Party and Fireworks celebration.  The Chamber of Commerce of
 Anthony, New Mexico/Texas, adopted Leap Year as a promotional theme four years
     Leap Year 2000 is the fist Leap Year in a Century Year since 1600.  Leap
 Year dates back at least to the time of Julius Caesar.  It is all "in the
 spin" or the revolutions of the Earth around the Sun.  The Earth turns on its
 axis once every 24 hours.  It takes 365 days (one year) for the Earth to
 revolve around the Sun.  But the time is not exact; it really takes 365 days,
 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45+ seconds for the Earth to circle the Sun.  If an
 adjustment had not been made we would finally end up with Christmas in mid
 summer and etc.  So, the Julian Calender added one extra day every year that
 can be divided by four.  Still, by the late 1500s, Pope Gregory XIII, on the
 advice of his astronomers ordered 10 days to be lopped off to get the calendar
 back in synch.  He deleted Leap Year Day from the century years except when
 the year can be divided evenly by 400.
     The Nash Family and The Anthony Chamber of Commerce invites everyone to
 spend their extra day at the fourth consecutive Worldwide Leap Year Festival,
 February 26-29, 2000 at Anthony, New Mexico/Texas.  For further information,
 you can contact Mary Ann Brown, Founder of Worldwide Leap Year Birthday Club
 at 915-886-2540.
     CONTACT:  Michael Jensen at Jensen Communications, 626-585-9575 or by

SOURCE Graham Nash