GraphOn and Prologue to Debut GO-Between at COMDEX/FALL '97 Provides multi-user Windows NT Access to UNIX

Oct 27, 1997, 00:00 ET from GraphOn Corporation

    LAS VEGAS, COMDEX/FALL '97, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- GraphOn Corporation
 and Prologue Software will showcase new technology that allows Microsoft's new
 multi-user Windows NT operating system (code-named "Hydra") to connect with
 UNIX/X(R).  GraphOn(TM), the thin client X server provider, and Prologue, an
 administration tool/Hydra product developer, will team up at COMDEX to
 announce the new software and present their complementary technologies and
 combined worldwide distribution capabilities.  Code-named "GO-Between(TM),"
 the new connectivity software will be showcased at the Prologue Software booth
 (S2) in the Microsoft Partner Pavilion (Hydra section).
     GraphOn developed GO-Between in response to Microsoft's interest in
 interoperability and migrating UNIX enterprises to Hydra.  GO-Between allows
 organizations to preserve their investment in UNIX applications while
 migrating to multi-user NT.
     Media may see GraphOn's other products at a special media lunch at COMDEX,
 Lunch@Piero's.  GO-Joe(TM) and GO-Global(TM), GraphOn's thin client
 connectivity software connects Java to UNIX hosts and Windows to UNIX hosts
 over any connection with as little as 100k-300k of code on the client.  The
 software will be demonstrated during the first four days of COMDEX at Piero's
 Restaurant, 11:30-2:00 p.m. at 355 Convention Center Drive.
     Walt Keller, President of GraphOn, said, "The networking needs of today's
 organizations are changing radically.  IS managers are demanding a
 heterogeneous computing environment that also allows remote access yet is open
 to new operating systems.  Our work with NT multi-user expert, Prologue
 Software, and our long history in adaptive protocol technology positions us as
 the provider of the necessary high-performance links that bring enterprise
 operating systems together over any connection, including intranets, the
 public Internet, and even low-bandwidth remote connections."
     To further expand its capabilities in the multi-user arena, GraphOn signed
 a letter of intent in September to merge with Prologue Software, a Paris,
 France-based multi-user software company.  Prologue Software is currently
 working with Microsoft on multi-user Windows NT. Prologue Software and Citrix
 were the only two companies to obtain an official license of Windows NT code
 from Microsoft. Microsoft has since purchased the rights to the multi-user NT
 technology Prologue Software developed. Prologue Software currently is
 offering Microsoft its expertise in multi-user operating systems to assist in
 the creation of the next version of multi-user Windows NT.  Prologue Software,
 which currently has more than 600,000 users of their proprietary multi-user
 operating system in Europe, anticipates the introduction of its installed base
 to the thin client world.
     Prologue Software
     Prologue Software's 20-year legacy as an innovator in multi-user operating
 systems and portable development environments has enabled it to maintain a
 leadership position in the connectivity arena.  As early as 1980, Prologue
 Software broke through the limits of single-station data processing with an
 essential concept: running several applications simultaneously on the same
 microcomputer and sharing information between multiple users.  The company
 will continue to pursue important alliances with recognized technology
 partners whose skills complement those of Prologue Software to continue to
 build its presence in the multi-user and Internet markets.
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     GraphOn Corporation
     GraphOn, founded in 1982, develops powerful software to speed and simplify
 network computing and enable efficient thin client applications. GraphOn
 designed and manufactured the first thin X servers for Microsoft Windows and
 Java desktops. Its products include GO-Global, the world's first thin client X
 server for PCs running Microsoft Windows, and GO-Joe, the world's first thin
 client Java X server. GraphOn has strategic relationships with major UNIX
 system vendors, network computer and terminal vendors, system integrators, and
 software companies. GraphOn's customers are primarily Fortune 1000
 corporations. GraphOn is headquartered in Campbell, California.
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