GraphOn Announces GO-Between Poised to Ship: Thin Client/Server Brings UNIX Applications to Microsoft Windows Terminal Server

GO-Between to Ship Concurrent With Microsoft's Multi-User Windows NT

Terminal Server

Mar 16, 1998, 00:00 ET from GraphOn Corporation

    CAMPBELL, Calif., March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- GraphOn Corporation today
 announced that their latest thin client solution, GO-Between(TM), is scheduled
 to ship as soon as Microsoft's multi-user Windows NT Terminal Server (formerly
 code named Hydra) ships.  GO-Between is the third offering in GraphOn's(TM)
 family of thin client solutions that provide fast access to UNIX/X
 applications.  GO-Between makes it easier for enterprises to adopt Windows NT
 Terminal Server (WTS) and take advantage of multi-user NT features, while
 continuing to allow any user access to UNIX/X applications.  Corporations can
 now better manage their transition strategies to the new world of WTS without
 requiring abandonment of existing business critical UNIX applications, and
 don't need to install any additional software on the desktop.
     GraphOn's thin client X solutions lower the total cost of ownership (TCO)
 of network installations by allowing efficient access to UNIX applications by
 diverse operating systems.  GraphOn thin client solutions also promote easy
 remote access to UNIX applications by utilizing GraphOn's highly efficient
 RapidX(TM) protocol and thin client architecture to a variety of desktops and
 PDAs including Windows, Java and Java-enabled web browsers.
     Universal Server Allows Heterogeneous Computing Environment
     GO-Between installs a universal X server on the UNIX host and a sub-300K
 thin client on the Hydra server.  PCs and Windows Based Terminals users can
 access their UNIX/X applications through the Multi user NT server as though
 they were resident on their desktops.  With GO-Between, no code needs to be
 installed in the desktop computers, while the UNIX application operates in its
 optimum native mode on the UNIX host.  Processing and communications load on
 the Hydra server is minimized due to the very thin GO-Between client, and
 GraphOn's highly efficient, adaptive RapidX(TM) protocol.  GO-Between is also
 fully compatible with Citrix's WinFrame and pICAsso products.
     According to GraphOn President, Walt Keller, the benefits of using
 GO-Between to deliver UNIX applications are significant.  "A corporation can
 plan and stage their implementation of Windows NT Terminal Server (Hydra)
 without having to instantly rewrite their existing UNIX applications and
 retrain the whole user community."  Mr. Keller indicated further benefits,
 adding, "MIS managers are reluctant to rewrite their legacy UNIX applications,
 one of the reasons UNIX has such a strong hold in the computer industry.  As
 an operating system, it is reliable, robust, with a wealth of applications
 continuing to depend on UNIX. GO-Between allows MIS managers to integrate
 Microsoft's latest technology with the existing base of UNIX applications
 smoothly, without taking the enormous risk of changing everything at once.
 Microsoft's Bill Gates was recently quoted as saying at the Digital-Microsoft
 alliance announcement (in early February):  "At the server level, there is
 definitely a need to interoperate between Unix and NT."  GraphOn's GO-Between
 fulfills that need perfectly.
     GraphOn Corporation
     GraphOn, founded in 1982, develops powerful software to speed and simplify
 network computing and enable efficient thin client applications. GraphOn
 designed and manufactured the first thin X terminal and has since evolved into
 a software company.  Its products include GO-Global, the world's first thin
 client X server for PCs running Microsoft Windows, and GO-Joe, the world's
 first thin client Java X server.  GraphOn has strategic relationships with
 major UNIX system vendors, network computer and terminal vendors, system
 integrators, and software companies.  GraphOn's customers are primarily
 Fortune 1000 corporations. GraphOn is headquartered in Campbell, California.
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