GraphOn Announces GO-Joe, World's First Thin Client X Server for Java Desktops

Aug 26, 1997, 01:00 ET from GraphOn Corporation

    NEW YORK, Aug. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- GraphOn Corporation today announced the
 availability of GO-Joe(TM), the revolutionary thin client X server for all
 Java desktops.  GO-Joe provides UNIX/X(R) application access from all Java-
 enabled desktops, such as Sun Microsystems  JavaStation, or Java-enabled
 browsers such as Microsoft Explorer and Netscape Navigator.  GraphOn plans to
 start shipping GO-Joe by the end of September 1997.
     By utilizing GraphOn's highly efficient RapidX(TM) protocol and thin
 client architecture, the company has implemented a pure Java client that is so
 small it can easily be incorporated into web pages and downloaded on demand.
 GraphOn's successful GO-Global, the first thin client PC X server, employs the
 same adaptive protocol and follows the same thin client model.
     GO-Joe has been extensively beta-tested on thousands of Java desktops
 worldwide for several months.  A number of large corporations are planning to
 use it as an important component in their transition to Java-based computing.
 In addition, Sun Microsystems has licensed GO-Joe and will be bundling it with
 every JavaStation.
     "Most enterprises have large investments in their existing UNIX and X
 applications, yet they would like to start implementing Java-based computing.
 GO-Joe is the only solution that gives Java users quick, easy access to UNIX
 and X applications," said Walt Keller, GraphOn President and CEO.  "This
 allows for smooth, controlled planning and implementation of new Java-based
 applications, while allowing for continued use of tried and tested UNIX and X
     No Porting Necessary
     Because it evolved from GraphOn's GO-Global, which allows Microsoft
 Windows users to run UNIX/X applications without a resource-intensive X server
 on the desktop, GO-Joe is able to provide the same rapid and easy access to
 UNIX/X applications for Java users, without porting or software modifications.
     Industry analyst Ron Cooke of the Network Client Business Group (Menlo
 Park, California), author of a recently published study on thin client
 computing, gave his appraisal of the GO-Joe announcement:  "Java is a
 breakthrough technology for the computing community.  However, Java may not be
 appropriate for some programs, and enterprises may wish to maintain a balance
 between their UNIX and Java applications.  The implementation of Java-based
 computing may be postponed by the need of users to continue accessing their
 existing applications.  GraphOn's GO-Joe solves this crucial dilemma."
     GraphOn Corporation
     GraphOn, founded in 1982, develops powerful software to speed and simplify
 network computing and enable efficient thin client applications.  GraphOn
 designed and manufactured the first thin X terminal and has since evolved into
 a software company.  Its products include GO-Global, the world's first thin
 client X server for PCs running Microsoft Windows, and GO-Joe, the world's
 first thin client Java X server.  GraphOn has strategic relationships with
 major UNIX system vendors, network computer and terminal vendors, system
 integrators, and software companies.  GraphOn's customers are primarily
 Fortune 1000 corporations. GraphOn is headquartered in Campbell, California.
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