GraphOn Announces Opening of Seattle Area Office; Exodus Engineering Team Joins GraphOn en Masse

May 18, 1998, 01:00 ET from GraphOn Corporation

    CAMPBELL, Calif., and SEATTLE, May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- GraphOn Corporation,
 the leader in thin client/server technology for UNIX, today announced the
 opening of a Seattle area office with a complete development team already in
 place.  Eight members of the former Exodus Technologies will form the kernel
 of the new GraphOn group.  Exodus had developed a multi-user NT 4.0 product in
 collaboration with France's Groupe Prologue.  Since Microsoft acquired
 Prologue's multi-user NT technology, Exodus's parent company, AUGI, decided to
 remove itself from the software development industry.  As a result, GraphOn
 acquired the established team of experts to enhance and expand the company's
 current product offerings of thin client/server centric software.
     "The Exodus team is an excellent fit for GraphOn, giving us an immediate
 presence in Bellevue, Washington where we see an important future for our
 technology," said Walt Keller, GraphOn President and CEO.  "This group of
 engineers is an experienced team with a successful track record of thin
 client/server products."
     "We were always proud of our engineering team and what we were able to
 achieve at Exodus," stated Stephen Kangas, former President of Exodus.  "I'm
 glad to see the team will continue working together in a progressive company
 like GraphOn with the resources and technology to leverage their experience in
 thin client/server software development."
     GraphOn's thin client/server products GO-Global, GO-Joe, and GO-Between
 let users run UNIX/X applications over low-bandwidth connections on Windows
 PCs, any Java-enabled desktop, and multi-user NT systems, as well as other
 devices, by launching them directly from web pages and the Internet.
     GraphOn Corporation
     GraphOn develops powerful software to speed and simplify network computing
 and enable efficient thin client applications.  GraphOn's products include
 GO-Global, the world's first thin client X server for PCs running Microsoft
 Windows, GO-Joe, the world's first thin client Java X server, and GO-Between,
 the world's first thin client X server for Microsoft Windows Terminal Server
 and Citrix WinFrame.  GraphOn has strategic relationships with major UNIX
 system vendors, network computer and terminal vendors, system integrators, and
 software companies.  GraphOn's customers are primarily Fortune 1000
 corporations.  GraphOn is headquartered in Campbell, California.  Find more
 data on GraphOn at
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 trademarks of GraphOn Corp. in the USA and other countries.  UNIX UNIX is a
 registered trademark in the United States and other countries, licensed
 exclusively through X/Open Company, Ltd.  Microsoft, Windows and Microsoft
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SOURCE GraphOn Corporation