GraphOn Releases GO-Global 1.1; Adds IBM RS6000 AIX Support

Aug 26, 1997, 01:00 ET from GraphOn Corporation

    CAMPBELL, Calif., Aug. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- GraphOn Corporation today
 announced the release of GO-Global(TM) Version 1.1. with added functionality
 and platform support.  GO-Global, the first thin client PC X server, provides
 MS Windows users with a high performance UNIX/X solution, over LANs, as well
 as over low-bandwidth connections, such as remote dial-ups.  GO-Global is
 easy-to-use, and takes seconds to download and install.  The multi-user,
 centralized server enables simple software maintenance and scalability, using
 minimal memory and CPU resources on the desktop.
     GO-Global 1.1
     The latest version of GO-Global has been beta tested at selected customer
 sites and has been freely downloadable for evaluation from the GraphOn Web
 site ( for the last two months.  GO-Global 1.1 adds
 improved functionality for file transfers and cut and paste between MS Windows
 and X Window applications.  In addition, support for IBM RS6000 systems
 running AIX has been added to the growing list of supported server platforms.
 The already efficient installation tools have been enhanced to handle
 differences in customer configurations automatically, without requiring manual
 input from the user.
     GO-Global is the first and only software designed for high-speed access to
 graphical UNIX/X applications from any Windows desktop without running an X
 server on the PC.  GO-Global provides an easily managed, centrally located
 platform for delivering UNIX/X applications to local and mobile Windows users,
 remote sites, and branch offices.  The thin client software achieves
 communication speeds that can be up to twenty times faster than other remote
 access technologies.  GO-Global is a native 32-bit, X11R6 compliant,
 distributed X server built around a thin client architecture and GraphOn's
 highly efficient RapidX(TM) protocol. It supports all Windows implementations
 and IBM OS/2.  The client residing on the Windows desktop requires less than
 300K of memory and minimal CPU cycles.  This architecture delivers excellent
 performance from the lowest powered laptops to the highest-powered desktop
 PCs.  Performance on a Local Area Network (LAN) is excellent, while on
 remotely connected PCs and on busy networks GO-Global can show significant
 performance gains over conventional "fat" X servers.
     Carl Wolf, Vice President of Business Development for Sun Microsystems
 Computer Company in Mountain View, California, said "I have used GO-Global
 since the first beta release.  It's great at giving me access to all my Sun
 workstation applications from my PC either at home or on the road."
     "We use GO-Global for our Advanced Trading System," said Alvin Sylvain,
 Senior Software Analyst at C-Square International, a West Covina, California,
 software company serving the energy trading industry.  "The performance is
 much better than getting a PC X server.  The PC X server has to emulate the X
 Windows calls in the Microsoft environment, which is slow. GO-Global does all
 the work on the Sun SPARCstation, and merely ships the changed bits to the PC.
 This turns out to be a lot faster."
     GO-Global Highlights:
     -- Fastest dial-in low-bandwidth throughput for PC to UNIX/X connections.
     -- Thin client on Windows requires little memory, no DLLs, VxDs, and
        minimal CPU cycles.
     -- Very simple and intuitive installation and operation.
     -- Centralized, scalable, 32-bit, fully X11R6 compliant.
     -- One product supports Windows 3.1, 95, NT, Workgroups, and OS/2.
     -- One product supports SunOS, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, SCO and more.
     -- One click connection - one click on an icon can automatically connect a
        remote user to the Internet, enterprise-based mail, and mission
        critical applications.
     Evaluation copies of GO-Global are available via FTP from GraphOn's Web
 Site, or by calling 408-370-4080.  List price for GO-Global begins at $295.00
 per seat. For educational and reseller prices contact GraphOn sales at
 1-800-GRAPHON or
     GraphOn Corporation
     GraphOn, founded in 1982, develops powerful software to speed and simplify
 network computing and enable efficient thin client applications. GraphOn
 designed and manufactured the first thin X terminal and has since evolved into
 a software company.  Its products include GO-Global, the world's first thin
 client X server for PCs running Microsoft Windows, and GO-Joe, the world's
 first thin client Java X server.  GraphOn has strategic relationships with
 major UNIX system vendors, network computer and terminal vendors, system
 integrators, and software companies.  GraphOn's customers are primarily
 Fortune 1000 corporations.  GraphOn is headquartered in Campbell, California.
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