GraphOn Releases GO-Joe Version 2.0

Thin Client X Server for Java(TM) With Increased Performance and Platform


Mar 24, 1998, 00:00 ET from GraphOn Corporation

    SAN FRANCISCO, March 24 /PRNewswire/ -- GraphOn Corporation today
 announced at Sun Microsystems' 1998 JavaOne Developer Conference the release
 of GO-Joe(TM) Version 2.0 with increased performance and extended platform
 support.  GO-Joe, the world's first thin client X server for all Java-enabled
 displays (including 4.0 web browsers), provides access to UNIX/X applications
 without software rewrites or a fat X server on the desktop.  GraphOn plans to
 start shipping GO-Joe Version 2.0 in April of this year.
     The latest release of GO-Joe has been beta-tested at selected customer
 sites and is now shipping on Sun Microsystems' latest NetraJ CD distribution.
 GO-Joe V2.0 employs GraphOn's unified server, which drives all GraphOn's thin
 clients, including GO-Global for Windows and GO-Between for Microsoft's
 Windows Terminal Server (WTS), formerly code-named Hydra.  In addition,
 support for IBM AIX and DEC Alpha machines has been added to the list of
 supported server platforms, which currently includes SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX,
 and SCO OpenServer.
     With 100 percent performance improvements and a significantly decreased
 download time, GO-Joe V2.0, which supports Sun's Java Development Kit 1.1,
 takes full advantage of the evolution of the Java platform and continues to
 provide the best solution for fast and easy access of UNIX/X applications from
 any Java desktop, including web browsers, NCs, and PDAs.  By employing
 GraphOn's adaptive RapidX(TM) protocol, high performance can be achieved over
 LANs, WANs and even over dial-up.
     GO-Joe is built around a multi-tier thin client/server architecture with
 application processing on the UNIX host and graphics displayed via a small
 applet (under 300K) on the display.  Using GraphOn's RapidX protocol, GO-Joe
 fits into existing environments that include all types of communication
 pathways and computer environments.  GO-Joe's server software is multi-user,
 fully-scalable, and centrally-managed, preserving the lower total cost of
 ownership (TCO) sought by IT.
     "We are pleased to see today's announcement from GraphOn, said
 Dr. Lew Tucker, Director of Strategic Relations at Sun Microsystems' JavaSoft
 division.  "GO-Joe utilizes the power and flexibility of the Java platform
 and provides a thin client solution for the desktop."
      Evaluation copies of GO-Joe are available via FTP from GraphOn's website
 at, or by calling 408-370-4080.  List price for GO-Joe
 begins at $295.00 per seat.  For educational and reseller prices, contact
 GraphOn Sales at 800-GRAPHON or email
     GraphOn Corporation
     GraphOn, founded in 1982, develops powerful software to speed and simplify
 network computing and enable efficient thin client applications.  GraphOn
 designed and manufactured the first thin X terminal and has since evolved into
 a software company.  Its products include GO-Global, the world's first thin
 client X server for PCs running Microsoft Windows, and GO-Joe, the world's
 first thin client X server for Java.  GraphOn has strategic relationships with
 major UNIX system vendors, network computer and terminal vendors, system
 integrators and software companies.  GraphOn's customers are primarily Fortune
 1000 corporations.  GraphOn is headquartered in Campbell, California.  Find
 more data on GraphOn at, email, or
 call 800-GRAPHON.
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