Green Builder Media Works to Define Green Building

- GBM to launch comprehensive builder education and certification program

- GBM to partner with NAHB's Research Center on groundbreaking market

research and lab testing program

- Ron Jones leads efforts to develop National Green Building Standard

Sep 27, 2007, 01:00 ET from Green Builder Media

    CINCINNATI, Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Green Builder(R) Media (GBM), a
 leading provider of information about green building and sustainable
 development will aim to define the somewhat ubiquitous term 'green' as it
 relates to building related products and practices.
     Beginning in November, Green Builder Media will launch Green Builder
 College(TM), a robust online educational platform that will certify
 building professionals as 'Green Builders'. The program teaches building
 professionals how to incorporate sustainable systems and practices into
 their projects, leading to the development of more environmentally
 appropriate structures.
     Through a partnership with the NAHB Research Center, GBM has launched
 the 'Defining Green VISION House' program, a comprehensive market research
 and laboratory testing project to generate groundbreaking information about
 green building, including builder and consumer purchasing patters and
 expectations for the future. Through this project, GBM will develop a
 template that will shape the future of residential construction.
     "We are extremely excited to help define the concept of green
 building," said Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media. "We have a
 unique opportunity to change the way building professionals and home owners
 view residential construction and how they can have a positive impact on
 the environment."
     Green Builder Media's founding partner and editorial director Ron Jones
 is currently serving as Chairman of the Consensus Committee that is taking
 the NAHB's Model Green Home Building Guidelines through the American
 National Standards Institute (ANSI) process for national certification.
     Also partnering with ANSI on the initiative is the International Codes
 Council (ICC). The Consensus Committee will bring uniformity and standard
 practices to the way residential homes are constructed in the U.S. and
     "There is a considerable amount of confusion as local municipalities
 and cities try to establish codes and standards for green building," Jones
 said. "Our work on this council will contribute to a national green
 building standard that cities around the country can follow."
     GBM also illustrates the concepts of green building via its VISION
 House Series with demonstration homes in Albuquerque and St. Louis and
 additional homes under construction in New Orleans and Orlando.
     GBM's flagship publication, Green Builder magazine, is a monthly
 publication that serves as a resource for a wide variety of building
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