GUADEC 2004 Announces International Slate of Speakers

No. 1 European Open Source Desktop Event Will Draw Worldwide Attendees

May 06, 2004, 01:00 ET from GNOME Foundation

    BOSTON, May 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Hundreds of software developers, enterprise
 and government leaders will gather on the coast of Norway to discuss the rapid
 adoption of the world's most popular open source desktop, GNOME. The Fifth
 Annual GNOME User and Developer Europe Conference (GUADEC), will be held at
 Agder University College from June 28-30, 2004, in Kristiansand, Norway.
     "I'm looking forward to meeting developers, industry and government
 leaders in Kristiansand," said  Eva Hildrum, Director General of the Norwegian
 Ministry of Transport and Communications. "The conference can provide
 important fuel for innovative use of IT in an information society for all."
     GNOME adoption has been rapidly expanding worldwide. Recent examples
 include successful deployments by governments in Brazil and Spain in public
 telecenters, schools and government offices. The GNOME desktop environment is
 also being deployed by the Chinese government on over 1 million desktops over
 the next year.
     Marking the growing acceptance of the Linux Desktop around the world, the
 GNOME Foundation, which organizes the conference in a different country each
 year, will host over 60 presentations on cutting-edge technologies and case
 studies on migration to an open source desktop.
     "I have to choose my conferences and pick the most strategic ones to
 attend," said Bob Stack, CTO for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. "GUADEC is
 one of the most important open source conferences in the world." Mr. Stack
 will lead a roundtable policy workshop on "Defining Open Standards" with open
 source evangelist Bruce Perens and representatives from Denmark, France, the
 Netherlands, Scandinavia and Spain.
     Other highlights of this year's conference include:
     -- Keynotes by Dr. Edgar Villanueva, Vice President of the Congress in
        Peru, and Bdale Garbee, HP's CTO for Linux.
     -- Cost-saving technology solutions such as how GNOME can cut information
        technology costs with thin-client computing and HAL, a plug-and-play
        desktop device support for widespread use.
     -- GIMPCon -- GUADEC will host developers working on the
        freely-distributed graphics program GIMP which is used for photo
        retouching, image composition, image authoring and animation. The GIMP
        Developers Conference 2004 will be held as a sub-event of GUADEC.
     Registration for GUADEC is open to the public at Special student registration and housing is
 available. Discounts on flights to Norway are available through SAS, the
 Official GUADEC Airline.