GUBA Announces TV Viewing Capability Through Apple's iTunes and Front Row

New MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac Mini Front Row Feature Enables Subscribers to

Watch GUBA's 20,000+ Videos on TV

Mar 13, 2006, 00:00 ET from GUBA, LLC

    SAN FRANCISCO, March 13 /PRNewswire/ -- GUBA (, a video
 search engine, has announced the immediate availability of GUBA video
 downloads to television sets using Apple's new Front Row software for the Mac
 mini, iMac and MacBook Pro. This feature allows users to play videos directly
 from GUBA's iPod/iTunes format right to their TV. It is an easy and seamless
 way to choose from GUBA's thousands of Web videos and watch them comfortably
 in the living room on a big screen.
     GUBA video content is automatically formatted for iTunes on both the Mac
 and PC, which is the same format supported by the Video iPod. Subscribers can
 create iTunes podcasts of any video group or search on GUBA, which can be
 automatically downloaded by iTunes. This content can be viewed on an iPod or,
 with the new Front Row feature, on a TV. This free enhancement to GUBA allows
 users to subscribe to RSS feeds with keywords or news groups matching their
 particular interests. When new videos matching these user-defined parameters
 are available on GUBA, the videos are automatically downloaded into iTunes via
 RSS and available for immediate viewing.
     "By combining GUBA with the new Front Row feature, we have been able to
 reach a whole new level of video-on-demand," said Thomas McInerney, CEO of
 GUBA. "We have one of the largest libraries of iTunes/iPod-ready video content
 in the world and we are excited to provide our subscribers with the ability to
 view these videos on their TVs via the family of Mac computers. The Front Row
 feature will allow GUBA subscribers to easily browse and share content with
 friends and family virtually any time, anywhere."
     The full-screen Front Row feature merges the TV and computing experience
 by providing intuitive menus, large text to easily browse music and videos,
 and is just as easy as browsing videos on an iPod. Mac's Front Row also
 includes an Apple remote and can play videos saved on other computers on the
 home network using iTunes' share videos feature.
     GUBA is an enhanced service for searching, downloading, and viewing
 terabytes of rich media content from Usenet. Usenet contains terabytes of new
 and unique content and is considered the world's largest electronic bulletin
 board and predecessor network to the World Wide Web. While Usenet is an
 integral part of the Internet, multimedia content posted to Usenet is not
 indexed by the major search engines, such as Yahoo!, Google or Microsoft.
     GUBA makes it easy to locate compelling video and image content by
 entering a search term and clicking on a result, or simply browsing Usenet
 through the enhanced GUBA interface. As a copyright-friendly service, GUBA
 does not index feature films or MP3s and is fully DMCA (Digital Millennium
 Copyright Act) compliant.
     About GUBA
     Founded in 1998, GUBA is the leading online multimedia entertainment
 community -- a site where people can browse, search for, access and manage a
 wide range of video content and images, regardless of format or device. It is
 one of the Internet's fastest growing sources of video content. GUBA is a
 subscription-based service, costing $14.95 per month. It makes it easy to
 search, download, and view images and videos. Currently, more than 20,000+
 videos are available on GUBA. Subscribers and visitors can view the content on
 a variety of platforms, including on a PC / laptop, iPod or PlayStation
     NOTE:  GUBA is a registered trademark of GUBA, LLC. All other trademarks
 and registered trademarks previously cited are the property of their
 respective owners.