Gumstix, Inc. Announces the netstix(TM) 400xm-cf Computer Doubling the Performance of the netstix Computers

Oct 23, 2006, 01:00 ET from Gumstix, Inc.

    PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Gumstix, Inc., maker of the
 world's smallest full function miniature computers, today announced the
 netstix(TM) 400xm-cf computer. The netstix 400xm-cf computer doubles the
 performance of the netstix 200xm-cf, using a 400MHz connex(TM) motherboard
 and adding compact flash and 10/100 MBit Ethernet connectivity. In less
 than 68 cc (excluding power supply), the netstix 400xm-cf is a full
 function Linux server that connects to a network yet fits in the palm of
 your hand.
     "For network administrators, who manage network performance and
 administer computer systems, the netstix 400xm-cf computer can be an
 effective tool for network testing and diagnosis," said Craig Hughes, CTO
 of Gumstix, Inc. "By putting one of these devices at each POP (Point of
 Presence / tower) and the demarcation point, the Administrator can use
 netstix as tools for testing and diagnosing the network right at these
 points "
     Hughes continued, "As such, a Network Administrator could effectively
 test the 'last mile' using a range of netstix computer(s) on their network.
 By remotely monitoring the POP via the netstix, the Administrator could
 take some health measurements to determine and isolate performance issues
 along the network."
     "For software companies, the netstix computers provide a low cost,
 reliable Linux platform on which they can implement leading and proven
 software solutions," said W. Gordon Kruberg, CEO and President of Gumstix,
 Inc. Also, for their OEM customers placing volume orders, Gumstix offers
 pre- loading services to their OEM customers in which the customer code is
 pre- flashed onto the gumstix(TM) motherboards prior to shipment,
 simplifying assembly and lowering production costs.
     At 35mm x 103mm, the netstix 400xm-cf comes with 64MB of Ram and 16MB
 of flash memory, runs at 400MHz and starts at $186.00 USD each, for orders
 of 1,000 units or more.
     netstix 400xm-cf computers are available for purchase on-line at
     About Gumstix, Inc.
     Gumstix develops and sells full function miniature computers to
 software VARs and hardware OEMs in over sixty countries around the world.
 Built on an open source platform, the gumstix product line supports the
 growing network and wireless devices markets and offers motherboards,
 expansion boards and waysmall(TM) computers. The company sells directly to
 network managers, software engineers and commercial product designers and
 to all open source enthusiasts.
     Based near Palo Alto, California, Gumstix is privately owned and
     For more information visit

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