Haestad Methods Raises the Bar With WaterCAD(R) 6.0 Water Distribution Modeling Software

Sep 18, 2002, 01:00 ET from Haestad Methods

    WATERBURY, Conn., Sept. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Haestad Methods today announced
 the latest version release of WaterCAD, the most widely used water
 distribution modeling software in the world. With Version 6.0's unprecedented
 breadth of new features, Haestad Methods raises the industry's standards for
 performance and usability while providing its ClientCare(TM) subscribers with
 a second major version release this year at no charge.
     Developed from customer-driven requests, WaterCAD 6.0's cutting-edge open
 database architecture, complete customization capability, and easy-to-use
 interface will enhance efficiency and streamline workflow for modeling
     "This release is exciting, both in terms of the major advancements in
 WaterCAD and as a powerful demonstration of the value offered by our
 ClientCare program," said Keith Hodsden, General Manager of Sales for Haestad
 Methods. "Our customer-focused development process allows us to add and deploy
 features to our clients as they need them without unplanned upgrade costs for
 our client base."
     Utilizing the power of next-generation Microsoft .NET technology, WaterCAD
 6.0's database design reshapes the way in which users can access, view, and
 manipulate data. This new framework enables seamless data compatibility across
 the entire suite of Haestad Methods' software, offering ClientCare subscribers
 improved performance and functionality free of charge. Other notable features
 available for WaterCAD 6.0 are GeoGrapher(TM) for advanced graphing
 capabilities; Skelebrator(TM) model reduction tool for the automated
 skeletonization of hydraulic models; and the Darwin(TM) Calibrator for
 obtaining accurate calibration for water distribution network simulation.
     According to Robert Mankowski, P.E., Director of Research and Development
 for Haestad Methods, "WaterCAD 6.0 offers a complete, out-of-the-box solution
 for small and large utilities alike. Its rich API makes interfacing with
 existing GIS and corporate systems a breeze. It is quite simply the only
 enterprise strength model available."
     WaterCAD 6.0 key enhancements empower modelers to:
      * Leverage improved interface with GIS-style layer management
      * Automatically compute detailed cost estimates for capital improvements
        and energy cost estimates based on pump performance
      * Evaluate multiple designs with Scenario Control Center(TM)
      * Conduct intelligent reduction of complex networks with Skelebrator
        (available for WaterCAD 6.0)
      * Perform system wide multiple node fire flow analysis
      * Accurately simulate variable-speed pumps with APEX(TM) technology
      * Protect water distribution systems with WaterSAFE(SM) technology
      * Control a system in real-time with live SCADA connections
      * Build models from data assets with advanced database connections
      * Customize WaterObjects(TM) to create extensions to suit unique modeling
      * Create winning presentations and advanced visualization with GeoGrapher
      * Visualize customer information, infrastructure assets, and modeling
        results to support critical cost-saving decisions
      * Make changes directly to model data using WaterCAD's new open-database
      * Manage pump curves and re-use existing pump definitions using the Pump
        Definition Manager(TM)
      * Automatically calibrate water models with Darwin Calibrator (available
        for WaterCAD 6.0)
      * Design systems optimized for cost and benefit with Darwin Designer
        (available for WaterCAD 6.0)
      * Select the appropriate interface for the job-AutoCAD(R) or Stand-alone
      * Protect investments with the ClientCare upgrade and support program
     ClientCare(TM) Maintenance Program:
     ClientCare subscribers automatically receive WaterCAD 6.0 as part of their
 software maintenance and support package. The ClientCare Maintenance program
 provides clients with up-to-date modeling advancements, including automatic
 software updates and upgrades, access to the online KnowledgeBase, and special
 promotions and discounts on new products and training. For more information
 about ClientCare, visit http://www.haestad.com/ClientCare.
     About Haestad Methods:
     Founded in 1979, Haestad Methods provides more than 125,000 civil
 engineers in over 170 countries with hydrologic and hydraulic computer
 modeling applications, continuing education workshops, and textbooks. Haestad
 Methods' complete suite of engineering software products for water, storm, and
 sanitary sewer modeling includes WaterGEMS(TM), WaterCAD(R), Darwin(TM),
 SewerCAD(R), StormCAD(R), PondPack(R), FlowMaster(R), CulvertMaster(R),
 HEC-Pack(TM), Skelebrator(TM), LoadBuilder(TM), Scenario Control Center(TM),
 APEX(TM), GeoGrapher(TM), Pump Definition Manager(TM), WaterObjects(TM), and
     Haestad Methods trains thousands of engineers each year. It is duly
 authorized to award CEUs and PDHs and is licensed by Sandia National
 Laboratories to conduct RAM-WSM (Risk Assessment Methodology for Water
 Utilities) training.
     For more information, call Haestad Methods at 1-800-727-6555 (USA and
 Canada) or +1-203-755-1666 (worldwide), e-mail info@haestad.com, or visit
 http://www.haestad.com, http://www.watersecurity.org, or
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