Harlequin, a Global Graphics Subsidiary, and Motorola Computer Group Form Strategic Alliance to Provide Embedded Digital Solutions


Feb 28, 2001, 00:00 ET from Harlequin

Feb. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Harlequin, a subsidiary of Global Graphics
 (Easdaq: GLGR) announced today that it is teaming with the Motorola Computer
 Group (NYSE:   MOT), the world's leading supplier of embedded computing
 platforms for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to combine Harlequin's
 RIP (Raster Image Processor) technology on Motorola's boards to provide high-
 end embedded RIP solutions for digital printing, imaging devices and imaging
     Digital printing equipment manufacturers will be able to shorten their
 development cycles and time-to-market by incorporating off-the-shelf embedded
 RIP solutions from Motorola and Harlequin. These solutions are targeted at
 mid-range to high-end multi-function peripherals, copiers, and printers, large
 format printers, digital printing systems, and digital servers.
     The embedded RIP is based on Harlequin's well-known high-performance Jaws
 PostScript(R) Language Level III compatible interpreter. Designed to support a
 wide range of system architectures and operating systems, the Jaws(TM) RIP
 offers a compact and highly efficient 'kernel' interpreter. Its sophisticated
 graphics and color handling routines and its support for the multiple input
 formats make the Jaws RIP an ideal solution for embedded controllers for both
 monochrome and color printers and peripherals.
     The Jaws product will initially be provided on Motorola's PowerPC(R)
 processor boards running VxWorks(R). Harlequin is currently in beta testing
 with the first version of the RIP on Motorola's MTX product, a PowerPC-based
 ATX form factor motherboard, and expects to release product in the summer.
 Later this year, the two companies expect to release additional product that
 will continue broadening the strategy to include Harlequin distributed
 software-based technology, both inside and outside the Motorola board,
 providing workstation technology that works hand-in-hand with embedded
     The Jaws interpreter provides support for a number of page description
 languages, including PostScript, PCL and native interpretation of PDF files
 (without first converting the data to PostScript). This offers the unique
 solution for embedded controllers to directly take PDF files and drive a
 printer or output device. Unlike other embedded RIPs currently on the market,
 Harlequin and Motorola will provide open solutions that will allow OEMs to
 select appropriate components and options depending on their specific needs.
     The Jaws interpreter provides almost unlimited flexibility for its OEMs
 and users through its unique device class interfaces. In addition, the Jaws
 product provides support for output devices, including rendering architecture,
 output format, and resolution and handshake requirements, which can be easily
 customized for a users specific needs, devices and markets.
     "This announcement is a clear indication that Harlequin is driving its
 strategy to increase its share of the substantial middle market by embedding
 its technology directly onto desktop peripherals," says James Freidah, Chief
 Operating Officer, Global Graphics' Printing Software Division. "We believe
 Motorola is committed to providing solutions to the imaging market. They bring
 a high level of expertise, support and experience in embedded hardware
 solutions and together, we truly form a 'best of breed' alliance."
     "In today's rapidly growing digital market, OEMs are challenged with
 finding ways to bring their products to market faster," said Dave Barker,
 marketing manager, digital printing and imaging segment, Motorola Computer
 Group. "Together with Harlequin we are providing solutions that enable our
 customers to focus on their core competencies and as a result we are helping
 them meet their time-to-market and life-cycle requirements."
     The Motorola Computer Group is well known as an OEM supplier of long-life
 PowerPC and Intel architecture based products from processor boards to
 complete OEM solutions. Working with industry leading partners like Harlequin,
 the Motorola Computer Group is bringing creative new solutions to these
 markets. By integrating standards based hardware and software components, the
 Motorola Computer Group can provide customizable building blocks to its
 customers that reduce their time to-market and total cost of ownership.
     About Harlequin:
     Harlequin is recognized internationally as a leading supplier of open
 systems-based software for digital printing and publishing applications. A
 subsidiary of Global Graphics (Easdaq: GLGR), a leading worldwide supplier
 of printing, electronic document and workflow software and pre-press
 hardware, Harlequin has grown into a global software company with
 world-class expertise in high quality digital printing and publishing,
 Web-based, corporate, and embedded publishing applications.
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     About Motorola
     Motorola Computer Group (MCG) is the world's leading supplier of business-
 to-business embedded computing platforms for use in telecommunications,
 network storage, imaging, medical equipment, and semiconductor production and
 test equipment applications. It offers design, manufacturing, and systems
 integration capabilities, as well as a broad range of services and training.
 MCG is a business unit of the Motorola Integrated Electronic Systems Sector
 (IESS). IESS provides the DigtalDNA(TM) technology that helps make its
 customers' products smarter, safer, simpler and more synchronized.
     Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:   MOT) is a global leader in providing integrated
 communications solutions and embedded electronic solutions. Sales in 2000 were
 $37.6 billion. www.motorola.com.
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