Harlequin(R) Ships Jaws PDF Creator V2.0, the Affordable and Easy-To-Use Alternative to Adobe Acrobat(R) PDF File Generation

-- Enhanced version of PDF file creation software is the only alternative

to Adobe Acrobat for creating PDF files from native files

-- Printer driver creates PDF files from Windows or Macintosh platforms

-- Single-user MSRP of $120 undercuts Acrobat's by more than 40 percent

Feb 28, 2001, 00:00 ET from Harlequin

 PUBLISHING CONFERENCE AND EXPO; -- Harlequin, a subsidiary of Global Graphics
 (Easdaq: GLGR) announced today that it is shipping Jaws PDF Creator v2.0, the
 newest version of the company's fully-featured solution for creating PDF files
 'from scratch'. Developed for the way people work today, Harlequin's Jaws PDF
 Creator v2.0 is the only existing alternative to Adobe Acrobat on the market.
 The decidedly affordable Jaws PDF Creator, with a single-user MSRP of $120
 boasts an extremely user-friendly interface that makes universal distribution,
 exchange and archiving of electronic files in the popular PDF format as easy
 as printing a document.
     "Creating and distributing PDF files should be a simple procedure, and
 we're excited to give people the opportunity to choose the product that's
 right for them," says David Boxall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing,
 Harlequin, Inc. Printing and Software Division. "The PDF format is perfect for
 making high-quality documents available for viewing across the Internet,
 company intranets as well as for Web downloading. Graphic arts professionals
 were quick to acknowledge the importance of PDF within their industry, and now
 the corporate and SOHO markets are catching on quickly. PDF Creator v2.0
 offers the simplest and most affordable way to review, exchange, mark-up,
 manage and even archive documents to this exciting and rapidly expanding
 business sector."
     Essentially a printer driver that creates PDF files on Windows or
 Macintosh platforms, Jaws PDF Creator produces PDF 1.3 format files. PDF
 Creator uniquely offers drag-and-drop processing to a Desktop Icon of the
 PostScript (PS) and Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files that are commonly used
 in graphic design. In addition, PDF Creator v2.0 adds support for PDF 1.3
 format files and included many other customer-driven improvements.
     Unlike other products that claim to create PDF files, but are in actuality
 Acrobat plug-ins, Jaws PDF Creator v2.0 is a genuine distiller. Offering
 nearly identical functionality to Adobe Acrobat, Jaws PDF Creator technology
 translates and renders files created in a wide range of native office and page
 layout applications such as Word, Excel and WordPerfect to the published PDF
     Of considerable importance to corporate and networked users, Jaws PDF
 Creator supports encrypted PDF files using the RC4 method of security from RSA
 Corporation. This enables Jaws PDF Creator users to create PDF files that
 prevent unauthorized recipients from opening, printing or altering the PDF
     On a feature-by-feature basis, Harlequin's Jaws PDF Creator v2.0 gives
 Adobe Acrobat a run for the money. Ideally suited for document exchange within
 any digital workflow, Jaws PDF Creator v2.0 includes the following customer-
 driven features and benefits:
     -- Simple 'print file', as well as 'drag and drop to desktop icon'
        generation of PDF files from Web pages and standard office applications
     -- Three output settings: Web posting and printing; High resolution
        production printing; Printing on desktop device
     -- Non-technical alternative to a PostScript interpreter for work sent for
     -- Ability to embed TrueType and Base 14 fonts
     -- Preservation for Open Prepress Interface (OPI) comments
     -- Ability to handle spot color automatically, preserve halftones and
        convert blends to images quickly and with minimal effort
     -- Fully compliant with PDF 1.2 or PDF 1.3 specification published by
     -- PostScript Language Level 3 compatibility
     -- Ability to overwrite existing PDF files
     Jaws PDF Creator v2.0 and product upgrades are available for purchase as a
 boxed item or as a direct download from Harlequin Jaws Systems Limited
 (jawssystems.com), through resellers and through Harlequin OEMs. Suggested
 retail pricing is as follows:
     -- $120 single-user license
     -- $54 per license for 200 or more users
     -- $19.20 per license for more than 4,000 users
     About Harlequin:
     Harlequin is recognized internationally as a leading supplier of open
 systems-based software for digital printing and publishing applications.
 Established in 1986 and acquired by Global Graphics (Easdaq: GLGR), a leading
 worldwide supplier of printing, electronic document and workflow software and
 pre-press hardware, in July 1999, Harlequin has grown into a global software
 company with world-class expertise in high quality digital printing and
 publishing, Web-based, corporate, and embedded publishing applications.
     Harlequin is a registered trademark of Harlequin Limited. Jaws, Jaws
 Digital Courier and Jaws PDF Creator are trademarks of Jaws System Ltd which
 may be registered in certain jurisdictions. Adobe, Acrobat are trademarks of
 Adobe Systems Incorporated which may be registered in certain jurisdictions.
 RSA, BSAFE are registered trademarks of RSA Security Inc. All other brand and
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 loss or damage arising from the use of information or particulars in this
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 are based on management's current expectations and are subject to a number of
 uncertainties and risks that could cause actual results to differ materially
 from those described in the forward-looking statements.

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