Harvest Receives CE for its Autologous Point of Care Bone Marrow System Which Concentrates 200 Million Mono-Nucelated Cells Including Stem Cells From a Small 60 CC Sample

Sep 21, 2005, 01:00 ET from Harvest Technologies Corporation

    PLYMOUTH, Mass., Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Harvest(R) Technologies
 Corporation, announced today that it had received authorization to mark its
 autologous point of care Bone Marrow Concentration Systems with the CE Mark
 and is seeking distribution within the European Union. The autologous point of
 care bone marrow concentration kit is a total system that includes all
 necessary components to rapidly produce a concentrated quantity of mono-
 nucleated cells, containing stem cells, from a small 60cc sample of bone
 marrow. The mono-nucleated cells are concentrated seven fold which produces a
 yield of 200 million cells. The concentrated bone marrow maybe co-
 administrated with Harvest's autologous thrombin product currently being
 marketed in Europe. Both products can be produced simultaneously within the
 SmartPReP System.
     The Harvest Bone Marrow Concentration System is a completely automated
 approach that concentrates mono-nucleated cells (200 million) from a small
 sample (60cc) of the patient's bone marrow within 15 minutes. Since the bone
 marrow concentration is autologous and is concentrated at point of care a
 physician is free to use the product within his practice of medicine. The most
 obvious applications are bone grafting for bone voids and defects eliminating
 the need for an autologous bone harvest procedures. Concentrated mesenchymal
 stem cells have demonstrated positive outcomes within the scientific
 literature for treating Osteonecrosis, Osteoarthritis and for Spinal Disc
 Regeneration. Harvest is expecting that its new, easy to use System for
 concentrating these important cells will greatly expand their use and offer
 the physician an important tool for the treatment of these debilitating
     Harvest GMBH located in Munich Germany is currently introducing the
 Harvest Bone Marrow Concentration Systems to its key customers. Harvest GMBH
 is planning to have European Distribution in place during the forth quarter of
 this year.
      Gary Tureski,
      President & Co-founder
      Harvest Technologies Corp.

SOURCE Harvest Technologies Corporation