Hauppauge Announces That WinTV-PVR 250 Sales Exceed WinTV-Go Sales for Fiscal 2004 Q1

Consumers Go Upscale to Record Television Shows to Their PC's Hard Disk

Jan 08, 2004, 00:00 ET from Hauppauge Digital, Inc.

    LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Hauppauge Digital, Inc.
 (Nasdaq:   HAUP), a leading developer of digital video TV and data broadcast
 receiver products for personal computers, announced today at the Consumer
 Electronics Show in Las Vegas that sales during the first quarter of fiscal
 2004 of their higher end TV recording product for PCs, the WinTV-PVR 250, for
 the first time have exceeded sales of Hauppauge's entry level PC-based TV
 watching product, the WinTV-Go, in the U.S. retail market.
     The WinTV-PVR 250 is a personal video recorder PC upgrade that allows
 users to watch TV on a PC screen, and to record television shows to a PC's
 hard disk.  Hauppauge will be showcasing their WinTV-PVR 250 and their
 MediaMVP -- a set-top decoder device which enables TV sets to access PC-based
 Music, Video and Pictures ("MVP") via Ethernet home local area networks -- in
 the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall, booth #20505.
     Sales of the WinTV-PVR 250 through retail stores in the United States
 during the first quarter of fiscal 2004 outpaced sales of Hauppauge's first TV
 watching product, WinTV-Go.  The WinTV-Go is typically used to allow the
 watching of television on PC screens, and retails for $49, $100 less than the
 WinTV-PVR 250.  For the past several years, the low cost WinTV-Go had been
 Hauppauge's best selling WinTV product.
     "Though the WinTV-Go at $49 has a compelling price point, management
 believes that the shift in sales performance for the quarter may indicate that
 consumers are realizing that recording television programs on their PCs is
 part of the PC experience, and that they are willing to pay more to enable
 their PCs to act as digital VCRs," said Ken Plotkin, Chief Executive Officer
 of Hauppauge.  "Software, such as Microsoft's Media Center Edition, and
 Electronic Program Guides such as TitanTV, plus the demand to record TV shows
 onto a PC's hard disk, have contributed to making the WinTV-PVR 250 a
 compelling product for PCs."
     With a 125-channel cable television receiver, the WinTV-PVR 250 empowers
 users to watch live TV on their PC screens, record TV shows to their hard
 disk, pause television programming, create instant replays, and burn
 television shows and home videos onto a CD-ROM or DVD using a CD or DVD
 writer.  The built-in hardware MPEG encoder offers high quality video and
 allows users to use many of his or her PC's other functions such as surfing
 the Internet and answering emails while digitally recording home videos and
 television shows to the PC's hard disk.  Users can also schedule their
 television recordings using Internet-based programming guides, such as
 TitanTV.com, and receive up-to-date programming and station information.
     In a PC-based home entertainment system, the WinTV-PVR 250 can be combined
 with Hauppauge's MediaMVP, an Ethernet set-top decoder device that allows PC
 users to view media stored on a PC on their television set or through their
 home entertainment systems.  With the combination of WinTV-PVR 250 and
 MediaMVP, anyone can watch and record TV shows on their PC, and also play
 those recordings and other PC-based multimedia files on their television set
 from the comfort of the living room sofa.
     PC Upgrade Magazine gave WinTV-PVR-usb2, Hauppauge's newest version of
 WinTV-PVR, its Editor's Choice award in its November 2003 issue.  This latest
 version records television shows and home videos over USB and includes ULead
 DVD MovieFactory 2.1 for making DVDs from video recordings.
     A model of WinTV-PVR, the WinTV-PVR-250MCE, is used as the heart of PC
 systems based on Microsoft's 'Media Center Edition 2004'.  Several PC
 manufacturers are using the WinTV-PVR-250MCE in their consumer Media Center
 PCs because, among other things, it delivers excellent video quality at an
 attractive price point.
     Pricing and Availability
     Hauppauge's WinTV-PVRs are priced starting at $149 and are available at
 Circuit City, OfficeMax, Fry's Electronics, Micro Center and popular internet
 retail locations such as Amazon.com, Buy.com and Dell.com For more information
 about WinTV-PVR or any of Hauppauge's other digital video television and data
 broadcast receiver products, visit www.hauppauge.com .
     About Hauppauge Digital, Inc.:
     Hauppauge Digital, Inc. (Nasdaq:   HAUP) is a leading developer of digital
 video TV and data broadcast receiver products for personal computers.  Through
 its Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc. and Hauppauge Digital Europe subsidiaries,
 the Company designs and develops analog and digital TV receivers that allow PC
 users to watch television on their PC screen in a resizable window and enable
 the recording of TV shows to a hard disk, digital video editing, video
 conferencing, receiving of digital TV transmissions, and the display of
 digital media stored on a computer to a TV set via a home network.  The
 Company is headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, with administrative offices
 in New York, Singapore, Ireland and Luxembourg and sales offices in Germany,
 London, Paris, The Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Singapore and
 California.  The Company's Internet web site can be found at
 http://www.hauppauge.com .
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