Hauppauge(R) Unveils Pioneering WinTV(R)-HVR Series, Allowing Europeans to Watch and Record Both Digital and Analogue TV on their Home PC

Hybrid Video Recorder (HVR) Supports DVB-T Digital and Analogue TV;

Also Supports Hybrid TV Watching On Windows Media Center Edition

Nov 01, 2005, 00:00 ET from Hauppauge Digital, Inc.

    HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Nov. 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Hauppauge Digital, Inc.
 (Nasdaq:   HAUP), a leading developer and manufacturer of digital video, TV, and
 data broadcast receiver products for personal computers, announced today the
 debut of its WinTV(R)-HVR series of Hybrid Video Recorder (HVR) products for
 sale throughout Europe. WinTV-HVR's give PC users the flexibility of watching
 and recording either DVB-T digital or traditional analogue TV on their PCs.
 Previous Hauppauge products such as the WinTV-NOVA and WinTV-PVR could support
 either DVB-T digital or analogue TV on a PC, but with the WinTV-HVR, a user
 has a universal TV receiver to support both types of broadcast TV standards in
     "While increasing numbers of Europeans are already receiving digital TV in
 their homes via the DVB-T standard, many still have the need or desire to
 watch traditional analogue television channels," said Ken Plotkin, CEO of
 Hauppauge.  "Our new WinTV-HVR range is exciting because it lets people do
 both, as well as record any of their favorite programs using the high quality
 MPEG-2 recording standard.  What's more, consumers who live in areas being
 transitioned from analogue to digital TV can use the WinTV-HVR and not have an
 obsolete TV receiver for their PC when the transition finally occurs."
     The WinTV-HVR series has a host of valuable features that include FM or
 DVB-T radio reception, software or hardware-based MPEG-2 video recording to
 the PC hard drive and more.  Hauppauge's WinTV-HVR series also supports
 Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, allowing users to easily
 manage and access their entire collection of music, DVD and stored movies, TV
 programs, digital photography and more, all with easy remote control access.
     Hauppauge's first two products in the WinTV-HVR line, currently shipping
 to hundreds of retail locations throughout the UK and the European continent,
 are as follows:
      -- WinTV(R)-HVR 1100 (euro 99.00 MSRP) -- A hybrid video recorder that
         lets users watch both freeview digital DVB-T programs and traditional
         analogue TV from their PC screen, either in a window or full-screen.
         The software that accompanies the product's plug-in PCI board allows
         people to record programs to the PC's hard drive via the high-quality
         MPEG-2 compression standard, as well as to listen to FM radio or DVB-T
         digital radio.  Infrared remote control included;
      -- WinTV(R)-HVR 1300 (euro 129.00 MSRP) -- Provides all the features of
         the WinTV-HVR 1100; however, MPEG-2 TV recording in the 1300 is
         accomplished via an on-board hardware processor, enabling the PC to
         run at full speed while recording programs to disk.  The WinTV-HVR
         1300 also includes DVD burning software, an MPEG editor, TV scheduler,
         and audio/video inputs to connect to set-top boxes such as satellite
         receivers or cable TV boxes.
     Up to two WinTV-HVR products can be installed in a Windows XP Media Center
 Edition 2005 system at a time, allowing users to watch and/or record one
 program while also enjoying another.  A future dual-tuner product in the
 WinTV-HVR line will support simultaneous viewing of two channels on a single
 plug-in board, with the ability to record one of the programs.
     Hauppauge anticipates a total of five products in the WinTV-HVR range;
 remaining offerings are to be unveiled later this summer.  For more
 information about the WinTV-HVR 1100 or WinTV-HVR 1300, visit
 http://www.hauppauge.com .
     About Hauppauge Digital:
     Hauppauge Digital, Inc. (Nasdaq:   HAUP) is a leading developer and
 manufacturer of digital TV and data broadcast receiver products for personal
 computers.  Through its Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc. and Hauppauge Digital
 Europe subsidiaries, the Company designs and develops digital video boards for
 TV-in-a-window, digital video editing and video conferencing.  The Company is
 headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, with administrative offices in New York,
 Singapore, Taiwan, Ireland and Luxembourg and sales offices in Germany,
 London, Paris, The Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Singapore and
 California.  The Company's Internet web site can be found at
 http://www.hauppauge.com .
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 Inc.  Other product or service names herein are the trademarks of their
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