HDTV Adoption Jumps A Significant 25 Percent Over 2007 Holidays

Apr 24, 2008, 01:00 ET from Frank N. Magid Associates

    LOS ANGELES, April 24 /PRNewswire/ -- 5.5 million households brought
 home an HDTV set for the first time during the 2007/2008 holiday and Super
 Bowl season this year. A recent study of consumers across the U.S.
 indicates that 25 percent of U.S. households or 28 million now have at
 least one HDTV set, that up from a penetration of 20 percent in September
 2007. In a study conducted shortly after Super Bowl XLII, Frank N. Magid
 Associates identified an impressive three million homes added a second HDTV
 during this same time frame, bringing multiple HDTV set homes up to nearly
 10 million.
     "Consumers who become accustomed to the sleek and contemporary
 appearance of their first HD set are now looking to bring that benefit into
 other rooms in their home," says Maryann Baldwin, Vice President, Magid
 Media Futures(TM). "However owning an HDTV set and actually viewing HD are
 still two very different pursuits for many."
     Due to falling prices and the upcoming digital transition, a larger
 percentage of younger adults 21-34 purchased HDTV's this holiday season.
 Among those who purchased their HDTV set in the past year, 18 percent say
 they did so to connect it to a high definition video game console like Xbox
 360 or PlayStation 3.
     "Now that the early majority has joined the ranks of the HD adopters,
 the demographic makeup of the HD population is looking more like the
 overall U.S. TV viewing universe," says Jill Rosengard Hill, Vice President
 and Managing Director.
     Among those who reside in a household with at least one HDTV set, the
 number who have taken steps to arrange for HD programming reception hold
 steady compared to other recent studies at 70 percent. Among the 30 percent
 of HDTV set owners who have not made these arrangements, many site costs
 and a limited number of channels available in high definition. Satellite
 customers make up half of this group, and most of them say they are not
 prepared to purchase the new equipment necessary to add this service. Just
 three percent of homes own an HDTV set that is receiving HD programming
 from their local stations via an over-the-air antenna.
     HD adoption appears poised to continue its accelerating growth rate.
 Not only do three-in-ten households plan to purchase a new TV in the next
 year, nearly all of them indicate that if they make this purchase, the new
 television will be an HDTV set. Much of the demand seen this year is driven
 by both the continuing decline in HD set prices, and the belief among some
 consumers that the digital television transition slated for February 2009
 requires that consumers actually purchase a set capable of displaying
     Findings also show that 24 percent of those who do not currently own an
 HDTV set feel it is important they will be able to watch the 2008 Summer
 Olympic Games in high-definition, another driver that could lead to higher
 than normal second quarter TV sales, a quarter typically known for its slow
 TV purchase activity.
     While few said the Super Bowl drove their purchase intent, 25 percent
 of U.S. households watched some portion of the match up between the New
 York Giants and the New England Patriots in high definition, either in
 their own home, or in the home of a friend or a family member representing
 a third of all Super Bowl viewers.
     Current HD owners will also drive demand for HD sets. Nearly
 four-in-ten current HDTV set owners plan to purchase yet another HDTV set
 in the next 12 months.
     Magid conducted this online research among 1,235 consumers nationally
 representative of the U.S. online population, age 21 and over. A written
 report on the study is now available for purchase. Contact Jill Rosengard
 Hill at 212-515-4523 or Jrosengardhill@magid.com.
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 this potent consumer segment.

SOURCE Frank N. Magid Associates