Head Lice Removal Service Opens in Bay Area

It's a lousy job, but somebody's got to do it. Hair Fairies - The Head Lice

Helpers - is here to help frantic families in the Bay Area as it opens the

first and only head lice removal service in San Francisco.

May 15, 2007, 01:00 ET from Hair Fairies

    SAN FRANCISCO, May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- No two words in the English
 language can stop every parent in their tracks more quickly than "head
 lice". Schools, camps, day care centers, and other kid-centric services are
 often sent into crisis mode when an outbreak occurs, and it is most often
 the parents who are left to fend for themselves to find a solution.
     Thankfully, the pesky bugs that live and crawl on children's heads,
 wreaking havoc on a household for weeks or months, have finally met their
 match thanks to a new business called "Hair Fairies - The Head Lice
 Helpers." Hair Fairies is the most trusted manual head lice removal service
 around, and recently opened a specialized clinical salon whose sole focus
 is head lice removal at a location in the Pacific Heights area of San
     Traditionally, if one child in the family has lice, 80% of the time
 siblings will contract them, 75% of the time Mom will become infested and
 20% of the time dad comes down with a case. "It is important to treat the
 whole family, not just one family member," says company founder and
 President, Maria Botham. "Also, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding
 head lice. We help clear those up and help parents through a very stressful
     Hair Fairies also sells their products via the internet for frantic
 parents who cannot make it to their salons. Besides having a full-service
 head lice removal salon in San Francisco, Hair Fairies also offers the
 following services:
     1.  In-home lice removal
     2.  School screenings
     3.  Information seminars
     Head lice are a very common problem among school-aged children. Based
 on national statistics, around 12 million people contract head lice
 annually; thousands of cases are expected in the Bay Area in 2007. Though
 head lice are not dangerous, they are annoying, as most schools have a no
 nit policy, meaning children cannot come to school with "nits" or lice
     "Thank goodness Hair Fairies came to the Bay Area," says a thankful
 parent. "I did not know what I was going to do when I found out my daughter
 had head lice." There are still stigmas associated with having lice, which
 is why most parents don't want to give their names. Hair Fairies tries to
 help eliminate those stigmas through education, letting parents and
 children know that head lice are very common and that having head lice is
 not associated with a lack of cleanliness. In fact, just the opposite is
 true, as head lice prefer clean hair.
     Hair Fairies has been a trusted name in the head lice removal business
 since 1999, and have been featured in national publications such as PEOPLE
 MAGAZINE. With clinical salons in Los Angeles, New York City, and now San
 Francisco, Hair Fairies has become a leader in helping frantic families
 plagued with head lice. Over the years since it opened, hundreds of
 pediatricians, departments of public health, schools, and other health
 professionals have referred clients to Hair Fairies. And now most insurance
 carriers cover the cost of their services.
     "Hair Fairies is the most trusted manual head lice removal service out
 there," said Maria Botham. "We have perfected a method of safe, effective
 head lice removal that we stand behind with a 100% guarantee."
     For more information, call the Head Lice Hotline at 1-877-285-0069 or
 visit www.hairfairies.com.

SOURCE Hair Fairies