Health Insurance Companies Use Innovative Product Development Research for New Medicare Offerings

DSS Research Helping Carriers Evolve Medicare Portfolios to Meet New Needs

Associated With Medicare Modernization Act

Feb 15, 2005, 00:00 ET from DSS Research

    FORT WORTH, Texas, Feb. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- DSS Research, a national market
 research firm specializing in health insurance and health care, today
 announced a significant rise in Medicare product development activity over the
 last 90 days as insurance carriers investigate new market opportunities
 created by the implementation of the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA).  During
 the past quarter, DSS has conducted product development research for companies
 currently not in the Medicare market at all, those with a Medicare Advantage
 HMO, those who offer supplements and those who offer a combination of HMO +
     "Carriers across the country from New York to California, from Illinois to
 Texas, have come to us with specific research questions regarding their
 Medicare product portfolio," said Roger Gates, president and CEO of DSS
 Research.  "They want to understand the tradeoffs beneficiaries will make
 between current and prospective product offerings.  They're interested in
 identifying and profiling segments of beneficiaries most likely to buy various
 product alternatives, as well as addressing the important issue of
 profitability of products.  We're helping these clients take action and
 address the new Medicare opportunities in a comprehensive way."
     DSS is drawing on its expertise of the health insurance market and its
 experience in working with more than 90 health insurance companies to optimize
 their product offerings.  For Medicare product development, DSS utilizes its
 experience with the target market (including over 100,000 interviews with the
 65 and older market in the past two years), its knowledge of the unique
 regulatory environment and its understanding of all the products involved.
 DSS has just completed work with clients who:
      *  Currently have Medicare Supplements only, but want to understand the
         impact of Medicare PPOs on their business and what they can do with
         plan design and Rx to minimize that impact.
      *  Currently have Medicare Advantage HMOs only, but want to offer PPOs
         that minimally cannibalize their HMO business and maximally attract
         from the pool of consumers with Supplements.
      *  Are interested in being regional PDPs or MA PDPs.
      *  Want to explore the feasibility of reentering the Medicare market with
     "There will be a flurry of new activity in Medicare," said Gates.  "The
 most successful efforts will be from those most in tuned to the specific mix
 of features and thresholds actually desired by consumers.  Extensive planning
 now will pay off in the form of new Medicare products that carry the most
 sensible business logic."
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