Hillary Clinton, Most-Searched Political Candidate; Paris Hilton Dominates Search Interest as She Heads Off to LA County Jail; Iran, Top of Mind With Web Users

The LYCOS 50 for Week Ending June 1, 2007

Jun 06, 2007, 01:00 ET from Lycos, Inc.

    WALTHAM, Mass., June 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Lycos, Inc.(www.lycos.com), a
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 announced the following information from The Lycos 50(TM), the 50 most
 popular Internet search results for the week ending June 1, 2007. For a
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     Biggest Movers and Shakers for Week Ending June 1, 2007:
     1.            Fred Thompson                                        1100 %
     2.            David Blaine                                         1100 %
     3.            Father's Day                                          209 %
     4.            Keith Richards                                        200 %
     5.            Pirate Bay                                            200 %
     6.            Sarah Silverman                                       157 %
     7.            FIFA                                                  117 %
     8.            MySpace                                                97 %
     9.            Lindsay Lohan                                          82 %
     10.           Katharine McPhee                                       71 %
     Notes of Interest:
     With the 2008 presidential campaign kicking into high gear, The Lycos
 50 will periodically look at the most popular candidates with web users.
 The top 5 most popular candidates this week are:
     1. Hillary Clinton (D)
     2. Fred Thompson (R)
     3. Ron Paul (R)
     4. John Edwards (D)
     5. Barack Obama (D)
     Hillary Clinton sees the most search activity, generating 125% more
 search interest than Republican Fred Thompson. Thompson is not yet an
 official candidate, but the "Law and Order" actor is likely to join the
 race in the coming weeks. ABC News has reported that Thompson is running
 third in the polls behind Rudy Giuliani and John McCain. Republican Ron
 Paul, who has been the focus of much Internet buzz but little mainstream
 media, is scheduled to appear on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" this
 week. Paul is 133% more popular in online interest than high profile
 Democratic candidates John Edwards and Barack Obama. Meanwhile, former
 Massachusetts Governor and Republican candidate Mitt Romney is barely
 registering a blip on the radar with web users. Senator Clinton also leads
 all other 2008 presidential hopefuls in online video views on Lycos MIX
     However, not one political candidate has the internet draw of Paris
 Hilton (#1), who surrendered to the LA County sheriff on Sunday night to
 begin her 23-day jail sentence. Hilton turned herself in earlier than
 expected to avoid paparazzi after attending the MTV Movie Awards, where
 many jokes were made at her expense by host Sarah Silverman. For an
 entertaining recap of this year's MTV Movie Awards, go to Lycos MIX at
     Additional Notes of Interest:
     For the second week in a row, Iran (#17) continues to resonate with web
 users, generating more search interest than Jessica Simpson (#18), Hilary
 Duff (#19) and Anna Nicole Smith (#21). The most popular Iran-related
 search queries include: Iran nuclear, Iran customs, and Iran news.
     The LYCOS 50(TM) Top 10 Search Terms for the Week Ending June 1, 2007:
     1)  Paris Hilton          6)  Britney Spears
     2)  Naruto                7)  Pamela Anderson
     3)  MySpace               8)  YouTube
     4)  Pokemon               9)  Clay Aiken
     5)  WWE                  10)  RuneScape
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