Hisense Brand LCD TV - No.1 In The Hong Kong Market

Aug 02, 2005, 01:00 ET from Hisense Group

    BEIJING, Aug. 2 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- According to information from
 China's CCM.com and the Hisense Hong Kong Company, in the first quarter of
 2005, the real sales of the Hisense brand LCD TV have ranked No.1 in the Hong
 Kong market among all the major Chinese brands.  Sales are derived from income
 produced by products sold in the Hong Kong area as well products distributed
 to other parts of the world.  It is another victory for the
 internationalization strategy of the Hisense Group.
     About Hisense Company Limited
     Hisense Group is a large specialized electronics and information industry
 unit in China, which takes Hisense Company Limited as its main investment boby.
 Hisense Company Limited has experienced 35 years of development, growing
 through the stages of Qingdao No.2 Radio Factory, Qingdao TV Factory and
 Hisense Electric Company.  Hisense has now become a large high-tech enterprise,
 specializing in electronics, household appliances, communication, IT and real
 estate, commerce, and trade development.
     For many years, Hisense has committed itself to a strategy of "developing
 high technology, producing quality products, providing top-rate services and
 establishing a world-recognized brand."  At the same time, the group has
 focused on industrial restructuring, technological innovation and capital
 operation.  Hisense has first established the "3C" industrial structure
 dominated by consumer electronics, telecommunications, and computer.  Hisense'
 main products include TVs, air conditioners, computers, mobile communication
 devices, software and Internet equipment.  Up to now, Hisense has established
 more than 20 subsidiary companies at home and abroad.  The assets have totaled
 RMB4,800,000,000.  2004 sales revenues were RMB27.300.000.000, ranking Hisense
 among the first few of the top 100 Chinese electronic manufactures.  "Hisense"
 has become a nation-wide famous brand.  In 1999, Hisense was awarded the
 "China Famous Brand", and in 2001, was first granted the "National Quality
 Management Award".  These products are all famous brand in China including TVs,
 Air-Conditioners, Computers and Mobile Phones.  Meanwhile, Hisense TVs, Air-
 Conditioners, Computers and Refrigerators are all exempt of commodities from
 inspection.  Also, Hisense first gained the competence of export exemption
 from inspection.  Hisense has a state-level technology center and a first-rate
 scientific research workstation for post-doctors.  Moreover, the group has
 been playing a leading role in the Chinese electronics industry, drawing upon
 its efficient technology innovation mechanism.  Every year, Hisense will
 assume dozens of state-level projects.
     At present, Hisense has 200 sale companies and over 10,000 service outlets
 across the country.  The group exports to about 100 countries and regions in
 Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and America.  In addition, Hisense has
 established its subsidiary companies and trade offices in the U.S., Japan,
 Brazil, Indonesia, the Middle East, Australia, the Hong Kong SAR, Italy, and
 other countries and regions.  Innovation is life.  The ten thousand Hisense
 staff members will keep on working hard to reach a target of "establishing an
 internationally famous brand" in a Hisense fashion: "be strict in standards
 and be fast in action."
     For more information, please contact:
      Zhu Shuqin, Brand Management Department,
      Hisense Group
      Tel:   +86-532-3878888
      Email: zhushuqin@hisense.com

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