Hisense TV Awarded the 'Most Innovative Brand'

Jan 08, 2008, 00:00 ET from Hisense

    BEIJING, Jan. 8 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Hisense announced today that as
 the buzz circulates around the 2008 International CES in Las Vegas the
 Company is the only Chinese TV brand to be awarded the prestigious honor of
 the ''Most Innovative Brand'' and it has once again been selected as a
 ''Top 10 Brand from China.''
     The selection process was very intense. Organized by the IDG Group and
 RBI Group its aim was to choose the most influential China brands and
 publicize the results world-wide.
     Hisense was selected based on criteria that included its excellent
 technology and innovation. Hisense has attained many technological
 ''firsts'' in relevant fields. In addition, several other famous brands,
 such as Lenovo, also joined the top 10 brand list.
     According to the influential Boston Consultant Group, Hisense, was once
 again, chosen as a ''global challenger in one of the most developing
     The global executive vice president of IDG, Mr. Hugo Xiong stated,
 ''The outstanding performance of Hisense TV can really earn the respect of
 the global consumer electronics industry and will attract major global
     Since 2007, Hisense has achieved a series of advances in its core color
 TV technology, paving the way for the honors awarded during the CES show.
 In 2007, Hisense launched the first national multi-media lab, and published
 the first version of the digital home system standard. The first large
 screen LED TV in China was also developed by Hisense. Of special note:
 Hisense designed the first LCD module production line; this significant
 milestone has upgraded the competence of China's TV industry, countrywide.
     During the world renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las
 Vegas each year and a sister show to our own Qingdao, Sino-CES, Hisense
 presented its digital home integration with 10 key technologies and new
 patents. DNet-Home is the first version of a digital home system from
     Mr. Hugo Xiong expressed his feelings again during the Top 10 ceremony,
 ''Hisense is proud to represent China as a famous brand and now the world
 can feel the pulse of China's technological innovation. More and more,
 Hisense is playing a major role on the global stage, and China-based brands
 will continue to evolve as a force to reckon with globally.''
     As figures show, since October, Hisense exports to the US have almost
 doubled, and sales to the South Africa market contributed 15%, making
 Hisense the most popular brand. In the domestic market, Hisense flat panel
 TVs continue to hold the No.1 brand in the market, a distinction they have
 enjoyed for three consecutive years.
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