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Sep 10, 2001, 01:00 ET from Universal Air Travel Plan, Inc.

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Universal Air Travel Plan, Inc.
 (UATP) announced today the release of a new Flash timeline presentation on
 uatp.com, representing historically significant facts in the airline and
 corporate card industries.  Developed during the Depression in 1936, UATP was
 designed as an incentive for business travelers whereby U.S. carriers extended
 travel credit.  Since that time, UATP has expanded globally to include
 virtually every airline in the world.  As a pioneer in the industry for over
 64 years, UATP developed such industry standards as the magnetic stripe and
 lodged accounts.
     Stephen S. Smith, UATP Vice President of Business Development, said,
 "UATP's historical significance is a solid foundation which we continue to
 build upon as we launch new ideas and technology.  Started by airlines for
 airlines, UATP is the industry's own tool whereby direct relationships are
 built with corporate customers.  UATP continues to be the most viable industry
 solution for rising airline distribution costs associated with traditional
 credit cards."
     Visit http://uatp.com to view the navigable flash and UATP Timeline.  The
 following is a complete timeline of historical events involving UATP in
 corporate payment and airline industry history:
     Year  Significance
     1936  UATP started as Air Travel Plan (ATP).  As the world's first charge
           card it brought cost savings and complete data to corporations.
     1948  UATP expands internationally-Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP).
           Adding card issuers outside of the United States, corporations
           around the world enjoy the savings of purchasing direct from
     1969  UATP's Air Travel Card(R) product is the first charge card to
           introduce the magnetic stripe on the back of the card allowing
           faster use by business travelers.
     1980  Regional UATP cards created with specific functionality per region.
           United States -- Air Travel Card(R)
           Europe -- AirPlus(SM) Air Travel Card
           Asia -- PassAge(SM) Air Travel Card
     1985  UATP Insurance products introduced to business travelers, airline
           employees and travel agents.
     1991  All UATP charge cards may be utilized on in-flight GTE Airfone(R)
           and AT&T air phones, bringing more functionality to the business
     2000  UATP re-launched as one global brand with one logo for all regional
           UATP cards.  New card features provide enhanced data reporting to
           corporations and more cost reductions.
     2001  UATP adds support of 165 currencies giving airlines and corporations
           spending controls in almost any national market.
     Universal Air Travel Plan Inc., formerly known as the Air Travel Card(R),
 is the world's first business travel payment system.  With annual global
 billings over USD 8 billion, UATP is owned and operated by each card-issuing
 airline.  Accepted by virtually every airline in the world, UATP offers the
 most complete data and lowest administrative cost of any charge product.
 Multi-national corporations, including 73 percent of the Top 100 Global,
 utilize UATP to better manage travel expenses.  Airlines currently issuing
 UATP accounts include Aer Lingus, Air New Zealand, Alitalia, Ansett Australia,
 American Airlines (NYSE:   AMR), Austrian Airlines, British Airways (NYSE:   BAB),
 Continental (NYSE:   CAL), Delta Air Lines (NYSE:   DAL), Japan Airlines
 (Nasdaq:   JAPNY), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (NYSE:   KLM), Lufthansa German
 Airlines, QANTAS, Scandinavian Airlines System, Swissair, TWA Airlines, LLC,
 United Airlines (NYSE:   UAL) and US Airways (NYSE:   U).  For more information,
 visit http://www.uatp.com .
     CONTACT:  Rana Walker, Manager of Corporate Communication, of Universal
 Air Travel Plan, Inc. (UATP), +1-202-626-4009, or rwalker@uatp.com.
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