Ho-Ho-Home Theaters Get a Boost with Avia II

Dec 04, 2007, 00:00 ET from Avia II

    MARIETTA, Ohio, Dec. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- If you're thinking about
 purchasing a home theater system or upgrading the television in your family
 room this Christmas season, Avia II Guide to Home Theater DVD is a
 must-have gift that will help you get the most from your audio and video
     The Avia II DVD by Ovation Multimedia is the ideal gift to help you
 select your television and home theater equipment and get optimal
 performance from the equipment you choose or may already own.
     Best of all, this instructional DVD is designed to be easy for
 beginners and experts to use. The DVD has clear graphics, step-by-step
 instructions and expert explanations that give everyone the ability to
 connect and calibrate home audio and video equipment so the sound is clear
 and the colors are correct. (Available for $49.99 at
     "The Avia II Guide is an essential gift choice for anyone who is
 thinking about buying a television or home theater and for the person who
 wants to get the most from a system," Tony Stump, Ovation president said.
     "With this simple-to-use instructional DVD, anyone can calibrate the
 sound and picture so that these important elements are at optimum
The Avia II DVD explains and provides examples for -- Connecting and setting up equipment -- Fitting your television and/or home theater to your room -- Getting the best performance from your system -- Calibrating audio and video components -- Getting what you need from today's technology The DVD includes chapters that describe television and home theater components and accessories, speaker placement, lighting recommendations, connectivity and audio and video calibrations. It also includes a detailed chapter on HD technology. "People are putting a great deal of time and money into setting up their home theater systems right now," Stump said. "Making certain that the settings are calibrated correctly improves the quality of this experience." The DVD can be used when a television or home theater system is first installed and later to reset or fine-tune the system. To get your Avia II Guide to Home Theater DVD in time for Christmas, visit www.ovationmultimedia.com or call 740-373-6212.
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