Home Access Offers New, Next-Day HIV-1 Test With +99.9% Proven Accuracy

Jan 09, 2006, 00:00 ET from Home Access Health Corporation

    HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., Jan. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Home Access Health
 Corporation, the manufacturer of the only U.S. Food and Drug Administration
 (FDA)-approved at-home HIV-1 test, announced today that it has begun providing
 next business day results for its Express HIV-1 Test System.  The accelerated,
 next business-day results continue to provide the same proven +99.9% accuracy
 as existing Home Access HIV-1 tests.
     "When it comes to HIV testing, accuracy is so important, and unlike rapid
 HIV tests, our tests include repeat screening and confirmation testing," said
 Tracey Powell, Chief Executive Officer, Home Access.  "While we've taken this
 extra step to provide our customers with the fastest lab test results
 possible, we have not compromised our +99.9% testing accuracy."
     "The next-day HIV-1 test is a great example of our commitment to respond
 to customer needs without sacrificing safety.  We strive to find new and
 better technology-based solutions to address a real barrier to quality health
 care today: the inability of people to obtain fast, convenient and
 confidential information about their health," Powell added.
     "Home Access's next-day results moves in-home testing in the same
 direction we are going with rapid testing in clinics and doctors' offices,"
 said Robert S. Jackson, M.D., Communicable Diseases Branch Chief, Delaware
 Department of Health and Social Services.  "The test utilizes the same
 chemical products to produce equally valid results."
     The next-day HIV-1 test continues to provide unique, comprehensive pre-
 and post-test HIV counseling to everyone tested.  Individuals can access
 counseling and results anonymously using their telephone.  Trained counselors
 guide customers through the testing process, offering HIV prevention and
 resource education.
     "Home Access doesn't just give people a test.  It offers a real system
 that includes counseling, referrals and confirmation testing," said Wesley
 Tahsir-Rodriguez, M.P.H., Director of Health Policy, Latino Commission on
 AIDS.  "From a public health perspective, accuracy and counseling are
 absolutely critical for people when they learn they are HIV-positive."
     Home Access HIV-1 tests utilize a retractable safety lancet for blood
 collection.  Customers prick a fingertip and place drops of blood on the blood
 specimen card included in the test kit.
     The next-day HIV-1 test will retail for $59.99.  Home Access HIV-1 test
 kits are available to consumers at most major retail pharmacies and drug
 stores, as well as online at http://www.homeaccess.com and by fax or mail
     About Home Access
     Home Access Health Corporation is a pioneer and market leader in personal
 convenience diagnostics.  Home Access is the only company approved by the FDA
 to provide at-home testing for HIV-1 and Hepatitis C.  In addition, Home
 Access offers physician-directed at-home tests for management of
 CardioDiabetes, including lipids (cholesterol panel), liver enzyme (ALT), and
 hemoglobin (HbA1c).  The company's proprietary platform integrates mail-in
 micro-blood samples with highly accurate diagnostic testing and interactive
 communication methods that have made Home Access a trusted brand in personal
 health care.  For more information call 1-800-HIV-TEST or visit
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 Tracey T. Powell

SOURCE Home Access Health Corporation