Hostway's Free Webcast Offers Tips on Security and Compliance Issues Facing Small Businesses

Hostway offers a live Web seminar to educate small businesses on the issues of

compliance and security as they relate to information technology and the


Sep 08, 2005, 01:00 ET from Hostway Corporation

    CHICAGO, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- It is becoming increasingly crucial for
 small businesses to understand the impact of regulations and legislation
 affecting their information technology operations, and to stay abreast of
 Internet and IT-related security threats.  To help educate small to mid-sized
 businesses (SMBs) on these issues, Hostway Corp., a global leader in Web
 hosting and managed services, will hold a live audio Webcast on September 27,
 2005, at 10:30 a.m./CDT.  This Webcast will explore compliance and security
 issues facing SMBs, strategies to address these issues and ways to use these
 issues to gain a competitive advantage.
     Attend the Web seminar, "Small Business Strategies: Security and
 Compliance" on September 27, 2005 at 10:30 a.m./CDT to learn about:
      -- Compliance and security issues facing small businesses regarding IT
         and the Internet
      -- Strategies for small businesses to address these issues
      -- How to gain a competitive advantage through compliance issues
      -- Security threats and costs
      -- Plans and processes for addressing computer security issues
      -- Guidelines to establish a budget for managing computer security
     "Businesses face a complex web of regulatory requirements addressing the
 accessibility and security of company information," said John Lee, vice
 president of marketing, Hostway.  "Now, more than ever, it is essential for
 small businesses to stay informed on compliance and security issues. This
 Webinar gives the opportunity for small businesses to learn strategies to
 address these issues from highly reputable and respected panelists."
     To register for the September 27 Web seminar, "Small Business Strategies:
 Security and Compliance," please visit .
     All attendees will automatically be entered in a drawing for a chance to
 win a free Gold Plus Linux Web hosting package for one year.
     This Webinar includes expert panelists from PayPal, a global online
 payment service; ProofSpace, a provider of business solutions that improve the
 strength of electronic business records; and West Monroe Partners, a holistic
 business and technology solution provider. The Web seminar will be led by
 Hostway, a leading provider of Web hosting and managed services.
     Robin Leidenthal, Director of Industry Relations and Compliance at PayPal,
 will discuss various aspects of merchant security and the potential
 liabilities online retailers face if they do not adhere to the regulations
 surrounding those issues.  PayPal enables any individual or business with an
 email address to send and receive payments online securely, easily and
     "Every online retailer must understand and build their payment processes
 around a secure financial infrastructure," said Leidenthal. "It's essential
 that online retailers have sophisticated fraud protection technologies and
 procedures in place -- not only to secure protection against e-commerce crime,
 but to also prevent the loss of vital data."
     Paul Doyle, General Manager and Co-founder of ProofSpace, a leading data
 integrity solution provider, will share his security experiences that derive
 from his 17 years of experience in both data and physical security.
     "Implementing integrated security technology creates a sense of ease among
 companies and their customers," said Doyle. "It allows individuals to conduct
 their daily affairs in a secure, confident and verifiable manner and increases
 the trust between the customer and company."
     Dean Fischer, president and co-founder of West Monroe Partners, will share
 expertise on compliance issues that he has experienced from his 26-year tenure
 in the industry.  His skill set is uniquely diverse, as he has practiced in a
 variety of disciplines -- financial and accounting, legal, operational, and
 emerging technologies.
     "It is vital that SMBs have the management discipline to stay compliant,"
 said Dean Fischer, president, West Monroe Partners. "Compliance often requires
 investments in technology, data storage and content management among other
 resources and if SMBs are not guided in the right direction those investments
 could be very, very costly."
     John Lee of Hostway will serve as the moderator for the Web seminar and
 will touch upon his experiences as a small business owner and the security and
 compliance obstacles he needed to overcome.  He also will offer ways that
 small businesses can create plans and processes for addressing computer
 security issues.
     About Hostway
     Hostway Corporation provides Web hosting and managed services to more than
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     About ProofSpace
     ProofSpace, Inc., Grand Rapids, Mich., delivers the benefits of its
 patented transient key technology to businesses and industries seeking to
 strengthen the security and reliability of their electronic business records.
 ProofMark(TM) creates irrefutable and durable evidence of the what, when
 details of any electronic transaction or event at any point in time. ProofMark
 does not rely on a centralized repository or trusted third party to witness,
 archive and manage business records; as such, each ProofMark is self-contained
 and independently verifiable by all participants to the online activity. The
 ProofMark system is the first in a series of infrastructure-based software
 applications developed by ProofSpace, Inc. To learn more about ProofSpace,
 please visit .
     About West Monroe Partners
     West Monroe Partners is a full service provider of business and technology
 solutions for opportunity-rich organizations. Founded in 2002, West Monroe
 Partners focuses on assisting their clients with the following: improving
 their profitability, continually keeping their vital systems running 24/7,
 ensuring an optimal supply of materials and inventory and providing key
 business metrics at their fingertips. Headquartered in Chicago, West Monroe
 Partners has a location in Montreal, Canada and serves clients nationwide. To
 learn more about West Monroe Partners, please visit .
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