Houston Biodiesel, LLC and Lansing Announce Biodiesel Merchandising and Feedstock Originations Agreements

Sep 05, 2006, 01:00 ET from TexCom, Inc.

    HOUSTON, Sept. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Houston Biodiesel, LLC, a
 subsidiary of TexCom, Inc. (OTC Pink Sheets:   TEXC), in preparation for
 construction of a 35,000,000 gallon per year biodiesel plant in Seabrook,
 TX, has entered into both a biodiesel merchandising agreement with Lansing
 Ethanol Services, LLC and a feedstock originations agreement with Lansing
 Trade Group, LLC. These agreements, both set to run for 4 years from the
 completion of the construction of the plant in 2007, will couple Houston
 Biodiesel's large physical production capabilities in a strong position in
 the biodiesel industry with Lansing's strength in managing commodity price
 risk, providing merchandising and logistics services, and its significant
 presence in the biofuels marketplace.
     Houston Biodiesel has significant advantages at its Seabrook location
 just outside of Houston, including its tri-modal transportation
 capabilities on inbound and outbound traffic for truck, rail and water
 conveyance. The facility is located on the Houston Ship Channel "Refiners'
 Row", which provides quality buyers for biodiesel. This plant will produce
 biodiesel from soybean oil and other feedstock based on the most economic
 source. The location of the facility also provides a key competitive
 advantage in allowing Houston Biodiesel to be more flexible in the sourcing
 and procurement of feedstocks for biodiesel production. Lansing strength as
 a trading company will provide Houston Biodiesel with competitive
 alternatives for inputs into the production of biodiesel.
     TexCom has teamed with a strong equity partner in US Renewables Group
 for the Houston Biodiesel, LLC plant. USRG has made significant investments
 in bio-energy, including ethanol and biodiesel, and is working to provide
 the advantage of scale to this industry.
     "The biodiesel industry is experiencing a period of unprecedented
 change that is creating an environment ripe for large scale production of
 biodiesel that we hope to capture with this project and our future
 expansion plans," said Lou Ross, CEO & President of TexCom, Inc. and
 Manager of Houston Biodiesel, LLC. "We approached Lansing due to their
 world class trading, marketing and logistics execution capabilities,
 history of successful market development in Biofuels, and strong customer
 focus. We see Lansing and its capabilities as key to our success with this
 operation, as well as our significant expansion plan for the future."
     Bill Krueger, President and CEO of Lansing, said, "Houston Biodiesel
 has a very professional and engaged management team. They know what it
 takes to develop a successful business model. We believe this team will
 create a highly competitive and profitable biodiesel business with
 opportunities for growth by developing additional plants after they are up
 and running at this facility in Seabrook."
     Lansing has been in the business of trading commodities for 76 years.
 Rapid growth of its business over the past decade has come from responding
 to market place needs. Notable is the formation of Lansing Ethanol Services
 to respond to the need for a market maker in the ethanol market. The
 services Lansing is providing to Houston Biodiesel under these agreements
 are a direct extension of the trading skills which have been with the
 company since its beginning. Lansing is actively trading a large number of
 commodities from coast to coast, with a growing international presence.
     About TexCom, Inc.
     Headquartered in Houston, Texas, TexCom, Inc. is pursuing the
 development of certain alternative energy related businesses and developing
 them to their logical and full commercial potential. For more information,
 please visit the company Web site at http://www.texcomresources.com .
     About Lansing
     Lansing Trade Group is a privately owned firm formed in 1931. The
 current ownership group has grown Lansing into a national trading company,
 growing beyond its grain roots with growth into the energy market. Lansing
 Trade Group formed Lansing Ethanol Services, LLC in March '06 to trade
 ethanol and other renewable fuels. Lansing Trade Group and Lansing Ethanol
 Services trade whole grains, feed ingredients, and energy products in U.S.
 domestic and export markets. Current annual revenues are approximately $2.7
 billion. Company headquarters are in Overland Park, Kansas. Additional
 information is available online at http://www.lansingtradegroup.com and
 http://www.lansingethanolservices.com .
     About U.S. Renewables Group
     U.S. Renewables Group, LLC ("USRG") is an investment company
 capitalizing on the fastest-growing segments of the $650B energy
 marketplace. USRG acquires, develops and operates renewable stationary
 power generation and clean fuel assets primarily in North America. USRG
 operates nationally from headquarters in Los Angeles and offices in New
 York. For more information, please visit the company Web site at
 http://www.usregroup.com .
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