Humana Signs its First Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan Beneficiary

Former Miami Dolphins Coach Don Shula Begins Open Enrollment

with Midnight Signing

Nov 15, 2005, 00:00 ET from Humana

    HALLANDALE, Fla., Nov. 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Shortly after
 midnight, Don Shula became what is believed to be the first person in the
 United States to sign up for the new Medicare Part D prescription drug plan
 (PDP). Shula, the former head coach of the Miami Dolphins and a member of the
 Pro Football Hall of Fame, signed his Humana (NYSE:   HUM) application at a Wal-
 Mart store in Hallandale, Fl., just as the official enrollment period for
 people with Medicare got underway.
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     "I want to show that I am a firm believer in what the Medicare program can
 do to give access to affordable prescription drug coverage," Shula said. "This
 is an exciting time for people with Medicare.  I urge everyone who is eligible
 for Medicare to explore their options and compare plans based on what's most
 important to them -- including monthly out-of-pocket costs, deductibles, or if
 their medication is included in the plan design -- and then, sign up."
     Those eligible for Medicare have until May 15, 2006, to enroll in a
 Medicare Advantage HMO, PPO or Private Fee for Service (PFFS) plan that
 includes prescription drug coverage or a stand alone PDP without the risk of
 paying a premium penalty.  Humana is offering the PDP in 46 states plus the
 District of Columbia, and is the largest national provider of the Medicare
 Advantage regional PPO with plans available in 23 states.
     "We are very excited that Coach Shula chose Humana as his prescription
 drug plan provider," said Michael Seltzer, CEO- Florida for Humana's Medicare
 and Medicaid products.  "We are finding that once Medicare beneficiaries, and
 their adult children who are helping them, take the time to navigate the
 information surrounding the Medicare Part D benefit, they gain a much clearer
 understanding of how the plans work, and are selecting plans that best suit
 their budget, health and lifestyle requirements.  In this case, Humana's
 Medicare Advisors were able to give Coach Shula the guidance he needed to pick
 a plan among many different choices that was right for him."
     Rene Garcia, Florida House of Representatives District 110, applauded
 Humana's ongoing educational outreach regarding new Medicare prescription drug
 coverage options.  "Medicare beneficiaries and their families are taking the
 information that Humana provides and using it to make choices that best meet
 their needs.  It's real consumerism, and I'm delighted to see the results, as
 illustrated by Coach Shula's enrollment in a Humana prescription drug plan,
 Garcia said."
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