Humans Join Bovines in Demanding a Better Day at

Oct 29, 2007, 01:00 ET from

    LA FARGE, Wis., Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- A new day is dawning for the
 bovine sisters of America! Concerned humans nationwide are joining a
 moooovement called Cows Unite ( that demands
 pasturing for cows and the end of the use of synthetic hormones and
 pesticides, antibiotics and genetically modified feed for cattle.
     Central to the Cows Unite initiative is the "Bovine Bill of Rights," a
 manifesto to help humans understand the human and bovine benefits of
 organic dairying practices, and the critical role of family farmers.
     Declarations include "Cows have the right to graze," and "Cows have the
 right to just say no to drugs."
     The full manifesto can be found at, along with
 information about Cows Unite contests, member kits, calls to action and
 activities. Site visitors are informed and entertained as they watch bovine
 videos of the resistance in action and download free Cows Unite posters.
     The latest in a series of videos chronicling the movement can also be
 seen on the Web site or at
     A key function of the Cows Unite web site rewards visitors for growing
 the movement by becoming a member and building their own Cows Unite chapter
 with Yahoo's satellite image mapping tool.
     As members' networks grow, they become eligible for rewards and prize
 drawings, including an activist kit with coupons and a car/fridge magnet
 appeal for support; a year's supply of Organic Valley milk; and an all
 expenses paid family weekend visit to an organic dairy farm. Full details
 of activities are made available on
     Developed by Organic Valley Family of Farms, America's largest
 cooperative of organic farmers and one of the nation's leading organic
 brands, Cows Unite has also received support from a number of leaders in
 the sustainable food movement, including Sustainable Table, Beyond
 Pesticides, Bioneers, Farm Aid, and Ecotrust.
     "I haven't personally talked with any cows, but I have a pretty strong
 idea that if given the choice, they'd say they prefer life as an organic
 cow -- free to graze on pasture whenever possible, eating food that has not
 been genetically modified, and producing milk without the use of
 antibiotics, synthetic hormones and pesticides," said Sarah Bratnober,
 communications director for Organic Valley. "Cows Unite is a fun, creative
 way for similarly-minded humans to communicate with friends and demonstrate
 their passion for health, environment, and animals."
     For more information, visit