ICANN Registrar Announces Pre-Registrations for .PW Spam-Free Email and Domain Names

Trademark Owners Have Two Weeks to File Defensive

Registrations Before .PW Land Rush Starts December 15, 2004

Dec 01, 2004, 00:00 ET from EnCirca, Inc.

    BOSTON, Dec. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- EnCirca, Inc. (http://www.encirca.com)
 announces pre-registrations for the .PW top-level domain land rush scheduled
 for December 15, 2004, 12 pm EST.  .PW is the Internet's first top-level
 domain (TLD) designed for individuals and communities of shared interests.
 Internet users may choose a new spam-free email identity, via any Web browser,
 by entering their preferred identity and then adding .PW at the end. For
 example, they could enter www.team-mascot.pw or www.family-name.pw.
     According to the .PW registry, research has shown it is difficult for
 people to get their family name as their personal email address since these
 names are already registered.  Under the .PW top-level domain, 100% of the
 world's family names, team mascots, schools and hometowns are reserved for
 shared community use.  With .PW, users can choose a meaningful e-mail address
 - their family name, ethnic group, favorite sports team, passion or hobby -
 virtually any string they can imagine.
     For example, anyone called "smith" are assured of having a smith email
 address.  Email addresses are in the form of george@smith.PW and come equipped
 with powerful spam-blocking technology and a free domain name in the form
 of george.smith.PW.  .PW email is forwarded to an existing mailbox and is
 compatible with any existing browser and email software.
     .PW email addresses are not limited to family names.  Devoted fans may
 also register email addresses for their favorite team or group.  For example:
 joe@tigerfan.PW or mary@bears.PW.  A unique affiliate marketing program allows
 entrepreneurs, athletic leagues and non-profit organizations to generate
 income by promoting their favorite team, group or community.
     Trademark owners may block the registration of .PW email addresses and
 domain names matching their trademark by filing PW Defensive Sponsorships.
 Since Defensive Sponsorships do not impact existing registrations, trademark
 owners should submit their Defensive Sponsorships by December 13, 12 pm EST to
 ensure their trademark is protected at the start of the .PW Open Registration
 period ("land rush").
     The .PW domain has a domain name dispute policy that trademark owners may
 utilize if they feel a .PW domain name violates their rights.  However,
 potential infringement and dilution of brand names and famous trademarks in
 the .PW domain are better prevented via the PW Defensive Sponsorship Service.
     Users may add their desired email address to the .PW pre-registration
 queue by simply signing up for a free trial account.  They can check
 availability by simply by entering it into their browser ending with a ".PW".
 For example: www.sox-fan.pw or www.survivor-fanatic.pw.
     About EnCirca, Inc.
     Founded in 2001, EnCirca, Inc. (http://www.EnCirca.com) is an accredited
 ICANN registrar. In addition to .PW, it also supports com, net, org, biz,
 info, us, cn, tw, name and pro.  It provides domain name registration services
 to a wide range of businesses, trademark owners, law firms and consumers
 worldwide. Visit http://www.encirca.com for more information.
      Thomas Barrett
      EnCirca, Inc.
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 visit http://www.ereleases.com.

SOURCE EnCirca, Inc.