Icelandair Hosts First-Ever Live Radio Broadcast To USA From Iceland's Blue Lagoon

Airline Teams Up with WLIF-FM to Air Morning Drive Program

Feb 18, 2000, 00:00 ET from Icelandair

    COLUMBIA, Md., Feb. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Icelandair, Icelandair Hotels,
 Reykjavik Excursions, Ishestar Stables, the Iceland Tourist Board, BWI Airport
 and WLIF radio have teamed up for a spectacular weekend in Iceland,
 culminating in a live radio broadcast from the Blue Lagoon!
     "Iceland is so 'high-tech' that developing a four-hour live broadcast to
 the US has been relatively simple," said Gunnar Eklund, Icelandair's General
 Manager - The Americas.  "Now that Iceland is known as one of the hottest
 destinations in Europe," he added, "it was just a question about which radio
 station was going to do it first!"
     WLIF-FM, Baltimore's CBS affiliate with a signal reaching parts of
 Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia and Washington, DC, developed a
 month-long promotion focusing on the naturally warm waters of Iceland's Blue
 Lagoon.  The mid-winter campaign was designed to lure listeners to participate
 in a 2-week contest during morning drive in which WLIF and Icelandair gave
 away ten trips for two to Iceland.  The winners will travel with morning drive
 hosts Michael Filippelli and Merrie Street, departing from BWI Airport Friday,
 February 25, 2000.
     "Everyone involved -- from the winners to the radio hosts -- is extremely
 excited about going to such an exotic and unique destination as Iceland!" said
 Hal Martin, WLIF's Director of Marketing and Promotions.
     The weekend adventure in Iceland will include city and countryside
 sightseeing tours as well as horseback riding on the famous Icelandic horses.
 Brought to Iceland more than a Millennium ago by Nordic Vikings, the world's
 smallest true horse has been purebred ever since.  Gentle and friendly by
 nature, the Icelandic horse affords riders an extra treat, as they enjoy a
 special fifth gait called the "tolt."
     Meals will feature Icelandic seafood and lamb specialties, and the group
 has requested time to shop for Icelandic woolens, Viking-style jewelry, fish
 and other delicacies available for international transport.
     Perhaps the highlight of the trip will be their visit to -- and the
 broadcast from -- the all-new Blue Lagoon.  Situated in the middle of a lava
 field in southwest Iceland, surrounded by snow-covered mountains, this
 geothermal lake has a temperature of 100 degrees year-round, with lava
 formations rising eerily above the iridescent blue waters.  The water is said
 to have healing powers because of the white silica mud and blue-green algae
 that form a natural sediment on the bottom of the lagoon.  A product line of
 creams, lotions and skin care products has been developed from the natural
 properties of the Blue Lagoon and is sold throughout the world.
     The four-hour broadcast will be carried on WLIF (101.9 FM) from six to ten
 o'clock Monday morning, February 28, with prize winners and other guests at
 the Blue Lagoon serving as a "studio audience."
     Icelandair North American gateways include Halifax in Canada and Boston,
 New York (JFK), Baltimore/Washington (BWI), Minneapolis/St. Paul and Orlando.
 Flights connect through the airline's hub in Reykjavik to Greenland,
 the Faroe Islands, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Glasgow, London, Amsterdam,
 Frankfurt and Paris; Gothenburg (SAS codeshare), Helsinki (SAS codeshare),
 Brussels (SAS codeshare), Dusseldorf (SAS codeshare), Hamburg (SAS codeshare),
 Munich (SAS codeshare), Vienna (SAS codeshare), Zurich (SAS codeshare);
 Belfast (British Midland codeshare), East Midlands (British Midland codeshare)
 and Dublin (British Midland codeshare).
     SAS Eurobonus Members can now earn mileage-points on Icelandair flights
 from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Boston and Baltimore/Washington.
     Information may be obtained from Professional Travel Agents or Icelandair
 (800) 223-5500 or on the web at .

SOURCE Icelandair