ICSA Labs Announces First Set of Network IPS-Certified Products

Three Network IPS Products Earn ICSA Labs Network IPS Certification

Jun 26, 2006, 01:00 ET from Cybertrust

    MECHANICSBURG, Pa., June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- ICSA Labs(R), an
 independent division of Cybertrust(R), the global information security
 specialist, today announced the results of its initial round of network
 intrusion prevention systems (IPS) certification testing. The following
 three products earned ICSA Labs Network IPS Certification: NetKeeper 3256P
 from BroadWeb Corporation; Proventia G400 from Internet Security Systems,
 Inc.; and TippingPoint 5000E from TippingPoint, a division of 3Com.
     "Preventing network-based intrusions is vital for enterprises and
 small-to-medium-sized businesses alike," said Jack Walsh, intrusion
 detection and prevention program manager at ICSA Labs. "These organizations
 need assurance that their network IPS will block worms, withstand DoS
 attacks and stop other attacks targeting vulnerabilities in corporate
 software. When organizations select a network IPS that has met the
 formidable demands of ICSA Labs Network IPS Certification Testing, they can
 have increased confidence that the device will protect their networks from
 malicious and costly intrusions."
     "Intrusion prevention systems have become a critical addition to
 enterprise security defense, so buyers are looking for assurance that
 products meet stringent performance, transparency and accuracy benchmarks,"
 said Marc Willebeek-LeMair, chief technology officer, 3Com. "When users
 select a network IPS product that has passed the rigorous testing of ICSA
 Labs' Network IPS Certification, they can be confident the product will
 sharply improve the security of their network."
     To combat the thousands of vulnerabilities in corporate software being
 discovered each year, many organizations are turning to network IPS to
 thwart vulnerability-focused attacks. ICSA Labs helps simplify the
 procurement process when it comes to finding the right network IPS device
 -- one that provides accurate, comprehensive intrusion prevention -- for
 each organization.
     "ICSA Labs Network IPS testing is the most comprehensive, real world
 and exacting testing of its kind," said CEO and chairman of BroadWeb, Dr.
 Nen-Fu Huang. "There is no doubt that ICSA Labs has succeeded in providing
 an exceptional source of meaningful and independent network IPS testing.
 Achieving the IPS certification is a testament to our best-of-breed IPS
     The Network IPS certification testing methodology employed by ICSA Labs
 is the result of more than a year of research, industry cooperation and
 end-user feedback. After undergoing extensive, in-depth testing, less than
 half of the products submitted achieved certification. The testing includes
 attacks targeting hundreds of medium-to-high severity vulnerabilities,
 numerous complex evasion techniques, denial-of-service attacks and latency
 measurements. With the completion of this initial round of network IPS
 testing, ICSA Labs will now continue to perform independent, third-party
 certification testing of network IPS devices on behalf of end users.
     "As online attackers become more sophisticated and the types of threats
 on the Internet grow exponentially, it is important for companies to know
 exactly which IPS products can withstand this constant evolution," said
 Greg Adams, vice president of product management at Internet Security
 Systems. "ISS commends ICSA Labs for holding IPS vendors to a high standard
 and certifying those products that are capable of providing enterprises
 with the most comprehensive, effective network protection."
     In conjunction with the completion of the initial round of the network
 IPS product certifications, ICSA Labs released version 1.0 of the Network
 IPS Corporate Certification Testing Criteria. Network IPS products must
 meet every requirement in the criteria document in order to attain ICSA
 Labs Network IPS Certification. The version 1.0 criteria document and the
 certification testing reports for the three certified network intrusion
 prevention systems are available for review at no cost from
 http://www.icsalabs.com by following the "Network Intrusion Prevention"
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     About ICSA Labs
     ICSA Labs, an independent division of Cybertrust, Inc., offers
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 certification at ICSA Labs. The end-users of security technologies rely on
 ICSA Labs to authoritatively set and apply objective testing and
 certification criteria for measuring product compliance and reliability.
 The organization tests products in key technology categories such as
 anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, IPSec VPN, cryptography, intrusion
 prevention, PC firewall, SSL-VPN, application firewall, anti-SPAM and
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