Idaho Company Announces Breakthrough in Nanotube Manufacturing

Oct 26, 2006, 01:00 ET from Idaho Space Materials, Inc.

    BOISE, Idaho, Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Idaho Space Materials, Inc. has
 developed a revolutionary nanotube manufacturing process which produces
 uncontaminated, high purity single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) at a
 very high production rate. While the high production rates achieved are a
 significant advancement, generating the material without harmful metal
 contaminants allows these nanotubes to be easily incorporated into the ever
 increasing applications for which this extraordinary material is used.
     Most SWCNT manufacturing methods use a metal catalyst to form the
 nanotubes. ISM's process uses a consistent, dependable, high-yield,
 high-volume, safe method to create SWCNTs without the use of any metal
 catalysts. Metal contamination is problematic for many commercial
 applications due to either toxic effects or the harmful impact of the
 catalyst on the exceptional nanotube characteristics. Metal contamination
 removal is a costly and time-consuming process that is unnecessary with
 this product.
     ISM's process is infinitely scalable to meet any consumer demand.
 Customers interested in obtaining SWCNTs from Idaho Space Materials should
 contact the company at Special pricing is
 available for high-volume customers as well as educational and
 not-for-profit research institutions. ISM is committed to supporting
 researchers in their efforts to bring concepts to practical application in
 this industry.
     Idaho Space Materials, Inc. is located in Boise, Idaho and was founded
 in December 2005 with the purpose of manufacturing advanced materials. The
 company works to identify and commercialize existing patents in advanced
 materials, reducing overall time to market and cost of commercialization.
 ISM started its nanotube venture by licensing a laboratory-scale
 manufacturing process from the National Aeronautics and Science
 Administration (NASA). Through subsequent research and development, it has
 created a process that is commercially viable. With the introduction of its
 first product, NOMEC 1556 - Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes, ISM has proven
 that it can rapidly move from licensing to product introduction.
     Carbon nanotubes have drawn significant attention from the scientific
 community since their discovery in 1991 due to their very high tensile
 strength, excellent electrical conductivity, light weight, and outstanding
 thermal properties. Products enhanced by carbon nanotubes are reaching the
 consumer market in a wide variety of applications. Researchers in fields
 ranging from medicine, microelectronics, and advanced materials are
 discovering new uses for carbon nanotubes on a daily basis and are finding
 that they can dramatically improve our quality of life with this amazing
     Traci Hiebert
     Director of Marketing
     Idaho Space Materials, Inc.
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