IDev Technologies, Inc. Announces the Hiring of a New Executive Management Team

May 03, 2006, 01:00 ET from IDev Technologies, Inc.

    HOUSTON, May 3 /PRNewswire/ -- IDev Technologies, Inc., an emerging
 leader in the development and marketing of minimally invasive stent systems
 for the treatment of peripheral vascular and non-vascular diseases, today
 announces the appointment of five key officers to the Executive Team. The
 Executive Team that joins Thomas M. Tully, Chairman and CEO, are Eric
 Schlote, Vice President Sales, Tony Anzalone, Vice President Marketing, Tim
 Placek, Vice President Regulatory, Gert Jansen, Director European Sales,
 and John Dame, Controller.
     Eric Schlote joins IDev Technologies, Inc. after serving as Area
 Director of Sales at Fox Hollow, a Redwood City, California manufacturer of
 the SilverHawk(R) artherectomy system. Eric brings great insight into the
 peripheral vascular disease market segment from prior Sales Management
 experience in the category. Eric holds a B.S. degree from Southwest
 Missouri State as well as 11 years of category experience. In his new role,
 Eric will focus on building a Sales Management team and Direct Sales
 organization for the company.
     Tony Anzalone was previously employed at Cyberonics Inc., a
 manufacturer of Class III medical devices for epilepsy and depression, as
 Senior Director, Marketing. Tony holds an MBA from New York University and
 brings over 17 years of Sales and Marketing experience to IDev
 Technologies, Inc. In his new role, Tony will be responsible for the
 development and implementation of an organizational Marketing Plan and the
 assembly of a Marketing Department to support commercialization of the new
 IDEV stent technology.
     Tim Placek will lead the regulatory submission process for IDev
 Technologies, Inc. Previously, Tim was Senior Vice President, Regulatory
 Affairs, Clinical Affairs and Quality Systems at MicroMed Technology Inc.
 in Houston, Texas. Tim joins IDev Technologies, Inc. with over 12 years of
 senior management experience in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Control
 systems. He holds a B.A. in Speech Pathology and Audiology from the
 University of South Dakota, and an ASEE degree from South Dakota State
 University as an Electronic Engineer.
     Gert Jansen will lead Europe as Director, European Sales for IDev
 Technologies, Inc. Gert was previously Director, European Sales for
 VelociMed, which was recently acquired by St. Jude Medical. Gert's
 knowledge of the European marketplace is well established with a successful
 track record in two other start-up ventures. Gert holds a B.S. degree in
 Marketing (NIMA A/B) and brings over 20 years of management experience in
 the field of medical devices.
     John Dame is a CPA and joins IDev Technologies, Inc. as Controller.
 John was previously at United Plastics Group, Chicago, Illinois, as a
 Division Controller in Springfield, Massachusetts and offers over 20 years
 of management experience in the discipline of Accounting. John holds a
 B.S.B.A. from Western New England College and also manages the Human
 Resources function for the company.
     "In total, IDev Technologies, Inc. has acquired over 80 years of
 management experience to lead the organization to future growth," stated
 Thomas M. Tully, Chairman and CEO. "IDev Technologies, Inc. will continue
 to focus on acquiring seasoned leadership throughout the organization to
 drive the successful commercialization of our patented, innovative stent
     About IDev Technologies, Inc.
     IDev Technologies, Inc. ("IDEV") is an Innovator and Developer of next
 generation minimally invasive medical devices for the treatment of
 peripheral vascular disease (PVD). PVD is currently treated by
 interventional radiologists, vascular surgeons, and cardiologists. The
 Company has recently received a CE Mark approval for use of the stent in
 peripheral vascular and non-vascular applications and is preparing to
 launch the product in Europe shortly. The IDev Technologies, Inc. stent is
 a unique device that is a self- expandable nitinol stent with significant
 radial force that is resistant to kinking, crushing and fracture potential.
 Additionally, the unique delivery system allows for precise placement and
 repositionability prior to deployment. These features represent a
 significant advance over existing stent technologies for peripheral
 vascular applications.

SOURCE IDev Technologies, Inc.