Improve Cupid's Aim With Five Simple Steps for Buying Jewelry

Jan 31, 2005, 00:00 ET from Gemological Institute of America

    CARLSBAD, Calif., Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- From diamonds to pearls, every
 girl melts at the thought of beautiful jewelry from her sweetie for
 Valentine's Day.  But how does a guy know what to buy?  And where does he even
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     Tips from the independent, non-profit Gemological Institute of America:
      Step 1: Recognize her tastes.  Hearts are always a favorite on
      Cupid's Day, and the shape is in style year round.  Red gems, like ruby
      and garnet, are also a passion of the ladies on this romantic day.  You
      can also personalize the gift by having your jeweler engrave your
      Valentine's name, or a message, on the jewelry.  Pearls are a classic
      gift, and diamonds are also a hit on this day for lovers.
      Step 2: Go to a professionally trained jeweler.  Dealing with a
      reputable, professionally trained jeweler can make your shopping
      experience easier and safer.  GIA recommends checking a jeweler's
      education and buying from someone with recognized industry credentials,
      such as a Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) or Accredited Jewelry Professional
      (A.J.P.).  Look for affiliations with jewelry industry groups and
      professional associations too.
      Step 3: Learn the Four Cs of diamonds.  She might adore the hue of a hot
      red gem, yet if you choose to purchase a diamond for your Valentine,
      you'll want to know how diamond professionals worldwide use the Four Cs
      -- color, clarity, cut, and carat weight -- to classify and price
      diamonds.  A knowledgeable seller will clearly explain the Four Cs and
      encourage you to compare diamonds to suit your price range.  You can also
      take a quick tutorial to learn about the four diamond value factors at
      Step 4: Get your papers.  Every diamond should come with an independent
      report or evaluation from an accredited gemological laboratory.  GIA
      issues Diamond Grading Reports for diamonds and identification reports
      for other gemstones.  They can be requested from your jeweler.
      Step 5: Secure your purchase.  Before you surprise your Valentine with
      jewelry, have the piece appraised and insured.  Appraisers and insurers
      increasingly rely on laboratory's diamond grading or identification
      reports to accurately evaluate diamonds and other gems.
     The GIA Gem Laboratory can also laser-inscribe the diamond's unique
 Diamond Grading Report number on the gem's girdle (outside edge).  The number
 is permanently recorded, and it can provide verification if the diamond is
 ever lost or stolen.  Personalized messages can also be inscribed for a unique
     For more information about gems and jewelry and GIA's gem and jewelry
 education, visit, or call 800-421-7250.

SOURCE Gemological Institute of America