In a Pickle Over Healthy After-School Snack Options?

Del Monte(R) Offers Tasty Solutions in a FREE Pickle Poster With Simple,

Kid-Friendly Recipes, Fun Pickle History and Pickle Magnets

Oct 12, 2006, 01:00 ET from Del Monte

    CHASKA, Minn., Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Looking to inspire your kids to
 reach for something healthy when they open the fridge? A free pickle poster
 from Del Monte(R) is perfect for hanging on the fridge, and is a fun way to
 encourage kids to grab a jar of pickles to satisfy their after-school snack
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     While supplies last, Del Monte(R) is offering a colorful, kid-friendly
 "Pickle Poster" featuring the Pickleman exercising and studying. The poster
 offers parents ideas on how to incorporate pickles into simple, taste-bud
 tempting, kid-pleasin' recipes and creative tips on how pickles can be used
 in the kitchen. Each poster includes five perforated recipe cards, one 4x6
 photo frame and three magnets of the Pickleman as himself, a chef and
 dressed as Aristotle. The poster also has facts on the benefits of eating
 pickles, as well as some interesting pickle history. Did you know that
 pickles helped prevent scurvy outbreaks on Christopher Columbus' historic
 voyage to America?
     "The poster makes snack time healthier and more fun for kids and is a
 helpful resource for parents," said Jeff Tuttle, chief marketing officer at
 M.A. Gedney Company, producer and marketer of Del Monte(R) pickles. "As a
 parent of young ones, I know it can be challenging to come up with
 interesting and tasty ways to provide healthy food choices for kids. Del
 Monte(R) is hoping this poster makes that process a little easier."
     Parents who'd like a free poster can visit to sign-up (for a limited time only, offer
 good while supplies last). The poster is free of charge, with no fee for
 shipping. It's also available to download online at .
     About Del Monte(R) and the M.A. Gedney Company
     Since 1919, Del Monte(R) has been marketing pickles and pickle
 products, including its market-leading Sweet Pickle Relish, and its
 uniquely sweet Sweet Gherkin Pickles, which are one of the country's only
 sweet gherkin made the old-fashioned way: barrel-sweetened for ultimate
 sweetness. Del Monte(R) pickles are produced and marketed by M.A. Gedney
 Company and sold under the Del Monte(R) label under license from Del Monte
 Foods. Combining the Del Monte(R) reputation for quality with M.A. Gedney
 Company's 125 years of extraordinary pickle production makes the perfect
 pickle partnership. The M.A. Gedney Company is headquartered in Chaska,
 Minn. For more information on the company, visit .

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