In2 Networks to Unveil an Affordable, Web-Enabled, Energy-Saving Technology at International Homebuilders' Show

Green System for Home and Business Connects Thermostat, Water, and Security

Systems with Simple, Web-Based Control Service - EcoConcierge(TM)

Feb 08, 2008, 00:00 ET from In2 Networks

    SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- In2 Networks, a developer of
 Internet-connected utility management systems for consumer and commercial
 applications, today announced that at this year's International Home
 Builders' Show the company will unveil its simple and affordable, web-based
 technology enabling individuals and businesses to control their home or
 office environment from the Internet. This "green," technology service
 empowers consumers to save money, set personal comfort levels and manage
 their own conservation efforts. During the show, executives from In2
 Networks will be showcasing its growing suite of web-based, energy-saving
 systems, including the Honeywell Security Vista ICM, at Honeywell
 International Booth #W4291. The International Builders' Show will take
 place February 13-16 in Orlando, FL.
     The technology behind In2 products is the Internet Communications
 Module (ICM), which is a complete control system the size of a deck of
 cards that connects various building systems like thermostats, water and
 irrigation systems, as well as security systems to the Internet. The In2
 platform allows these systems to function as components of a broader,
 integrated system that logs data, performs diagnostics and provides timely
 feedback and efficiency recommendations that allow homeowners and
 businesses to cut overall energy consumption by up to 20 percent. The In2
 ICM is the only home and business management product with nationwide
     The In2 system, which previously was controlled from a touch-screen
 panel on the premises, now allows individuals and businesses to remotely
 monitor and control these systems from a single, secure EcoConcierge(TM)
 web site, which is accessible through a laptop, PDA or cell phone. For home
 monitoring systems, In2 has set up and for
 business monitoring, The EcoConcierge(TM)
 service solves the fundamental problem that consumers and businesses cannot
 modify behavior in time to save money on last months electric or water
 bill. It is the real-time, actionable feedback that allows consumers and
 business alike to reduce consumption and, with the accompanying savings,
 pay back the investment in just a few months.
     In2 has recruited Hank Baker, a 30-year veteran of real estate
 development and the former Senior Vice President of Forest City's
 redevelopment of the Denver Stapleton Airport, to serve as the company's
 Chief Marketing Officer. Having also had extensive "green" development
 experience as the early coordinator of Stapleton's sustainability efforts,
 Baker stated, "The In2 system delivers a truly unique combination of
 real-time control over your energy consumption through a convenient
 web-based interface at a price point that is hard to beat. For under $300
 for each ICM installed, plus a nominal, annual web portal fee, the
 incentives for homeowners and businesses to conserve energy could not be
 stronger. Consumers will have an easy-to-use system that will not only pay
 for itself quickly, but will empower a growing number of conservation and
 sustainability minded consumers, business owners and developers. When
 people are aware of their energy usage patterns, they're more likely to
 change them in ways that are fiscally and environmentally responsible."
     In addition to consumers and businesses, builders and developers are
 also taking advantage of the EcoConcierge(TM) as an important component of
 "Green Building" programs and to differentiate their properties among
 conservation-minded buyers. In2 is in the process of deploying the In2
 platform in numerous master planned communities across the United States,
 Canada and in Mexico.
     Harbor Research estimates the market opportunity for these products
 will exceed $700 billion dollars over the next five years. In2 projects the
 energy management opportunity alone will exceed $60 billion for US homes
 and $5 billion for US multi-location businesses.
     At the International Builders' Show, In2 will be showcasing its Energy
 ICM, which when connected to a Honeywell thermostat can help reduce energy
 costs by up to 15% and makes conserving energy an easy and satisfying
 experience. The new Water ICM reduces home water consumption up to 15
 percent, reduces irrigation water consumption by 20-40 percent and takes
 the guesswork out of managing water consumption. The company has already
 introduced a Security ICM compatible with Honeywell's Vista Security System
 called VISTA ICM. In2 will also be introducing a new Solar ICM, which
 reports solar power generated and total power used, as well as a new Meter
 ICM, which reports total electric, gas, or water consumption. In2 has also
 introduced Lighting and Audio System ICMs, which are compatible with Lutron
 and Rotel products respectively.
     The International Builders' Show is the housing industry's largest
 annual light construction trade show and exhibition. More than 100,000
 people from 100 countries attended last year's show.
     About In2 Networks
     In2 Networks(TM), Inc. provides homeowners and businesses with an
 interactive, web-based window into their home or office environment that
 allows them to modify their utility consumption in order to save money, set
 personal comfort levels and manage their own conservation efforts. In2
 Networks' green, "smart home" technology enables connection and control of
 building systems like thermostats and water systems through the use of an
 IP communication protocol operating on Ethernet network architecture. The
 technology includes everything necessary for complete control and
 automation of commercial, consumer, and industrial electronic devices using
 the same IP compatible networking hardware and Web browsers already
 installed worldwide. The ICM's modular design reduces cost and complexity,
 and makes it practical for both single device and multi-device management,
 including a wide array of commercially established products developed by
 market leaders such as Honeywell, Leviton, Lutron and Rotel. To find out
 more, please visit
In2 Networks Media Contact: Tim Carroll Schenkein 303-672-4340 Contact @ Builders' Show: Hank Baker In2 Networks (C) 303-886-5458

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