India Embracing Western Influence in Personal Care Products

- Kline Study Indicates Double-Digit Growth in Cosmetics and Toiletries

Market Driven by Burgeoning consumer Sophistication -

Sep 04, 2007, 01:00 ET from Kline

    LITTLE FALLS, N.J., Sept. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- With a population of more
 than one billion and a growing taste for Western sophistication, India has
 become one of the fastest growing markets for cosmetics and toiletries,
 according to a newly published study by worldwide consulting and research
 firm Kline & Company. Sales of cosmetics and toiletries grew a whopping
 12.6% in 2006, and marketers are recognizing the tremendous potential in
 this budding market.
     "As the country becomes more westernized, the industry as a whole is
 becoming more sophisticated to meet consumer demands," says Carrie Mellage,
 director of the consumer products practice for Kline's market research
 group. "We're seeing a major shift across the board, from the types of
 products sold to their formulations and even the purchase channels."
     Data in Kline's In-depth Report Series, Global Cosmetics & Toiletries
 2006, indicates India is currently the thirteenth largest market in the
 world for cosmetics and toiletries. Despite having among the lowest levels
 of per capita spending on personal care products, averaging just $3.40 per
 person in 2006, the market is evolving into one of the most promising
 worldwide, particularly with regard to skin care. With more Indian women
 entering the workforce, they are placing greater emphasis on personal
 appearance and are spending more to look their best.
     "Indian women have officially joined the search for the Fountain of
 Youth, driving up sales of both anti-aging and skin-whitening products to
 help them develop a younger, fairer complexion," Mellage says.
     Indian consumers are also moving away from traditional talcum powder
 toward more modern deodorants and antiperspirants. Marketers are now
 expected to rise to the occasion with innovative products and revamped
 pricing strategies to help garner a significant share of this segment of
 the market.
     Mellage will present a full overview of the Indian cosmetics and
 toiletries market at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, September 18, at the HBA Global
 Expo in New York.
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