Indian Gaming Produces Winning Numbers for Arizona

Jun 21, 2001, 01:00 ET from Arizona Indian Gaming Association

    PHOENIX, June 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Arizona Indian casinos generate
 $40 million in state and local taxes from casino vendors and more than
 $28 million in federal and state payroll taxes in 2000 according to an
 economic study by Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy at the University
 of Arizona.  The study was commissioned by the Arizona Indian Gaming
 Association to assess the impact on the Arizona economy by Indian casinos.
     "Indian gaming is a large industry making its 9,324 employees comparable,
 in employment terms, to the Arizona mining sector which employs
 9,700 workers," said Stephen Cornell, Director of the Udall Center.  "These
 jobs go to both Indian and non-Indians."  The report reveals that, in the
 spring of 2001, 57% of all casino and tribal gaming jobs were held by non-
     "The multiplier effects of Indian gaming through the Arizona economy are
 substantial," said Cornell.  "We estimate that in 2000 at least 14,784 in-
 state jobs were attributed to Indian casino operations, and those operations
 directly and indirectly generated at least $468 million economic activity
 within the State.  We also found that Arizona Indian casinos spent
 $254 million on goods and services in 2000.  The majority of these dollars
 were spent within the state of Arizona."
     The Udall Center based its findings on studying three categories of casino
 spending: vendor outlays, employment and taxation.  The data was collected
 from thirteen Arizona Indian gaming tribes.
     "This study shows that Indian gaming is having a substantial, positive
 impact on the Arizona economy," said David LaSarte, Executive Director of the
 Arizona Indian Gaming Association.  "But in addition to helping the state and
 local governments, gaming revenues directly help tribal governments.  Like the
 Arizona Lottery, which sends its profits to the state coffers to provide state
 services, Indian gaming dollars go directly to tribal governments.  These
 venues are 100% taxed by tribal governments who use them to provide essential
 services for tribal members."
     For the complete report, "An Analysis of the Economic Impacts of Indian
 Gaming in Arizona," call the Arizona Indian Gaming Association at
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SOURCE Arizona Indian Gaming Association